How Do I Choose The Best LED Cupboard Lights?

- Oct 09, 2018-

Whether you want to accent the contents of a cupboard, or provide a way to see in the dark without turning on overhead lighting, you might be interested in cupboard lights. If you are worried about using too much electricity for this task, consider LED lighting, as this type is known for its low energy use. You should first decide whether you want a regular yellow glow to be cast by the light, or if you prefer colored lights. Also, think about whether you need it to be dimmable, as some LED cupboard lights have this capability. Finally, consider whether you prefer a bar, puck, or rope of light, as these are the most popular types available.

You might be planning to use the LED cupboard lights as task lighting, using the glow of the bulbs to see what you are doing without turning on bright lights. If so, you will likely be pleased with the effects of the typical LED bulb, as a yellowish hue is usually emitted. This is often bright enough to find your way in the dark, or even complete tasks without having to use major overhead lights. On the other hand, if you want to use your LED cupboard lights as accent lighting, drawing attention to items in your cabinets, you should consider colored bulbs. You can typically choose among various shades, allowing you to find one that best complements your home.

Regardless of whether you choose the standard bulb or the colored kind, you should think about buying dimmable lights. This allows you to have the ideal lighting for all occasion. For example, you can keep the lights bright for when you need to complete a task in the dark. On the other hand, you may consider dimming them when you only need a enough light to grab a quick midnight snack without blinding yourself with bright light, or when you want to create a calming effect in the room. Thus, choosing dimmable LED lights allows this product to be useful in many situations.

There are various types of LED cupboard lights, with one of the most popular kinds being a bar. This is an elongated, thin bulb that often fits long, narrow cupboards. If your cupboard is square, round, or just too small for a long bar of light, you should consider puck LED cupboard lights. These are small and round, allowing you to choose one or two for a cupboard that lacks space, or several for a cabinet of any size. Of course, you can also buy a rope light, which is usually a long, flexible cord that is made up of several small LEDs.