How Do I Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinet Lighting?

- Sep 27, 2018-

Kitchen cabinet lighting can be a nice touch to nearly any home. Whether you are trying to add class to your kitchen or simply set it apart, this type of lighting can help. Before making a decision, you should consider what the intended purpose will be, how reflective the countertops are, and the amount of energy you want to use.

One of the main types of kitchen cabinet lighting is the under-cabinet type. This type usually is best for illuminating the surface under the cabinets so you can perform tasks at night, including cleaning the kitchen and getting a midnight snack. With this kind of kitchen cabinet lighting, you will likely not have to rely on major fixtures or the illumination from your refrigerator to see in your kitchen at night. Under cabinet fixtures can either be attached directly to the wall under the cabinet facing out, or affixed to the bottom of the cabinet facing the counter.

The other common type is in cabinet lighting which is typically installed for aesthetic reasons rather than practical ones. Such lighting is often best to allow guests to see the contents of the cabinets, though it can provide some illumination in the kitchen, as well. In-cabinet lighting usually comes in the form of either a puck, which provides a harsh circle of light, or a strip of lights that create a gentler glow.

Fluorescent under cabinet lighting and pucks inside the cabinets were quite common at one time. The popularity of shiny countertops made of reflective materials like granite and marble has reduced the demand for bright kitchen cabinet lighting that appears to nearly blind viewers. Instead, usage of lower voltage bulbs like xenon has helped to reduce glare. Frosted glass fixtures in place of clear glass have also helped.

Considering the environmental and financial repercussions of high-energy use, many homeowners now prefer to buy only bulbs that require little energy. Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are now often replaced with lower-voltage LED lights. Xenon bulbs have also increased in popularity, particularly among homeowners who plan to leave their kitchen cabinet lighting on all night.

There are likely more things to think about when selecting cabinet lighting than most people think. While you should not completely ignore budget constraints, keep in mind that most kitchen cabinet lighting falls within the same price range. This means that you do not need to base your decision solely on the initial costs.