Full Color Led Display Production Process Production Process (1)

- May 23, 2019-

I know that some customers are interested in the production process of full-color led display and how to make led display. There are also many detailed steps on how to make full-color led display on the Internet, so we will not say full-color led display here. The production process of the screen, we talk about the detection after the production of full-color led display, will fully understand the specific production process detection process of full-color led display in the form of graphic and text. Let customers understand and be assured of the quality assurance of Starlight products.

Full color led display production process steps: 1, plug light 2, solder 3, A. plastic kit installation B. drive board 4, light board and drive board welding 5, school board 6, test 7, fixed light board 8 , shelves on the box 9, testing, computer debugging.

The following full-color led display test will be displayed in graphic (the following pictures are in no particular order):

1. Automatic optical detection of full-color led display: As shown in Figure 1, the computer processes the display image of the LED display screen collected by the CCD (Charge Coupled Devices) sensor through the image acquisition/control module. The processing mainly includes the positioning of LED pixel points and the rapid detection of brightness and chromaticity.

2, full color led display automatic glue filling machine:

Led automatic glue filling machine is mainly for LED potting equipment, the industry of automatic glue filling machine should include LED lighting industry, electronics industry, home appliances and other fields. The led glue machine adopts a fully automated operation mode, and is equipped with a computer operating system to visualize simple operation control. At the same time, it also has the function of three-axis linkage, which can realize the glue filling at any position in the space, which is much higher in efficiency than manual potting.

main feature:

1) With glue, glue integration, fully automatic operation, one machine realizes two functions.

2) The ratio is fixed and the amount of glue is adjustable. It can be used at any time, with high precision and on-demand ratio to save glue.

3) The operation is simple and convenient, the program editing is simple, no-cleaning, and the disassembly and assembly is simple and convenient. The two kinds of glues of A B are directly put into two corresponding barrels, and only when the filling is done, the workers only need to press the start switch. .

3, automatic drying line:

After the LED display glue filling machine is used to glue the display screen, there are two common curing methods, one is natural curing, the other is automatic drying of the plastic frame, and there is hot air circulation inside the drying frame to accelerate curing and shorten the finished product. time.

4, reflow soldering:

Reflow is an English Reflow that re-melts the solder solder pre-dispensed onto the pad of the printed board to achieve a soft mechanical and electrical connection between the soldered end of the surface mount component or the lead and the printed board pad. Brazing. Reflow soldering is the soldering of components to PCB boards, and reflow soldering is for surface mount devices. Reflow soldering relies on the action of hot gas flow on the solder joint. The colloidal flux reacts physically under a certain high temperature airflow to achieve SMD soldering. The reason why it is called "reflow soldering" is because the gas flows in the welder to generate high temperature to reach the soldering. purpose.

5, automatic coating machine:

Coating machine, also known as gluing machine, glue machine, fuel injection machine, etc., is specially designed to control the fluid. The surface of the substrate is covered with a layer of material, such as by dipping, spraying or spin coating. A layer of photoresist.

The coating machine is mainly used for precise spraying, coating and dripping of glue, paint and other liquids in the product process to the precise position of each product, and can be used for drawing lines, circles or arcs.

6, smt patch: role

1) Prevent components from falling off during wave soldering (wave soldering process)

2) Preventing the other component from falling off during reflow soldering (double-sided reflow soldering process)

3) Prevent component displacement and standing (reflow soldering process, pre-coating process)

4) Marking (wave soldering, reflow soldering, pre-coating), when the printed board and components are changed in batches, mark with the patch glue.

7. Constant temperature and humidity test:

High and low temperature damp heat test chamber, also known as programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber, or high and low temperature test chamber, mainly used for products (electronic electrical, electrical, semiconductor communication, LED photoelectric lighting, LCD screen, LCD TV, resistor module, PCB) Circuit boards, computer parts, auto parts, metal molds, metal plating, plastic plastics, chemical coatings, polymer materials, etc.) in accordance with national standards or user-defined requirements, high and low temperature damp heat; constant temperature and humidity; high and low temperature aging Under the conditions, the environmental simulation test is carried out on the physical and other related characteristics of the product. After the test, the performance of the product is judged to meet the predetermined requirements.

8, wave soldering:

Wave soldering is a molten liquid solder that forms a specific shape of solder wave on the surface of the solder bath by the action of the pump. The PCB is placed on the PCB and the transfer chain, and a certain angle and a certain immersion are inserted. The process of solder joint soldering is achieved by deep penetration of solder peaks.

9, high temperature aging test: high temperature aging room is for high-performance electronic products (such as: led display, computer, display, terminal, motherboard, etc.) to simulate a high temperature, harsh environment testing equipment, is to provide product stability The important experimental equipment for sex and reliability is an important production process for each manufacturer to provide product quality and competitiveness.

10, drop experiment

11, trampling and tapping experiments