Everlight Launches New UVC3535NUB Series For Medical, Water And Air Purification And Sterilization

- Apr 27, 2020-

In order to maintain people's quality of life and environmental hygiene, Everlight Electronics, the leading manufacturer of LED optoelectronics industry in the world, launched the new UVC product ELUC3535NUB series in the first quarter. It uses sapphire substrate special epitaxial chips and flip chip technology to ensure quality and efficiency. It is suitable for sterilization. application.

The ultraviolet wavelength is short and the energy is strong. It can cause chemical reactions and substance changes under exposure. After research and development, it has been popularized in the curing, medical, photocatalyst, and banknote detection markets. Demand in the market has grown rapidly. In recent years, there have been emerging air sterilization and purification, still water sterilization and flowing water sterilization applications, and the overall UV demand has increased significantly. Everlight has been cultivating LEDs for many years. It has complete UVA and UVC products. UVA is available in three sizes of 2016, 3535 and 4545, and has low, medium and high wattage and various light angles. Customers can choose according to their own needs.

The UVC part, the new ELUC3535NUB series (size 3.5x3.5x1.4mm), encapsulated in inorganic quartz glass, wavelength 280nm, complete strength from 2mW / 10mW / 30mW, has passed the test and certification of 99% sterilization, effectively eliminate E. coli and gold grape The growth of cocci can be widely used in medical treatment, water and air purification. Application products include: sterilization boxes, portable sterilization products and sterilization flashlights. The disinfection box is only 15 seconds, and the sterilization height is 3cm (E. coli). It can immediately sterilize dirty masks, glasses, gloves and tableware that contact the mouth. The drawer design is convenient and does not hurt the eyes. Installing ELUC3535NUB on the smart toilet has the function of deodorization and sterilization. If you use UVA3535 (1.8W, 120 °) with TiO2, you can achieve the same deodorization and sterilization effect.

Everlight combines professional R & D, business and marketing teams, with more than 37 years of professional development capabilities, constantly pursuing innovation and breakthroughs in packaging technology, coupled with strict production and quality control to provide customers with the most comprehensive and highest quality Product solutions.