Disinfect The Cap! German Researchers Develop UV LED Disinfection Modules

- Sep 11, 2019-

Recently, UV LEDs have gradually replaced mercury lamps as UV sources for sterilization applications.

Recently, German researchers have developed a UV LED-based disinfection system for purifying brewed water and cleaning bottle caps for bottled beer and soft drinks.

Researchers at the Institute of Fraunhofer Ilmenau in Ilmenau, Germany, partnered with PURION, a UV technology solutions provider, to develop a UV LED purification module for beverages. Bacterial disinfection during bottling.

Thomas Westerhoff and his team designed the UV LED module with a maximum wavelength of 265nm for optimum disinfection performance. Westerhoff said the team must consider the number of LEDs used and how to arrange point sources of different wavelengths in the module.

After many practical tests, researchers can now operate UV LEDs directly in water without the use of tubes to encase them, thus eliminating reflections and further improving the performance of the source. For industrial partner PURION, this UV LED module sterilizes the inside of the bottle before the beer brand is filled, ensuring that no bacteria enter the bottle during the production process.

The engineer said, "We can use 4 watts of UV power to illuminate the inner surface of the cap. It is almost impossible to use a mercury vapor lamp on such a small surface."

According to the newly released "2019 Deep UV LED Application Market Report - Sterilization, Purification and Water Treatment Market" by LEDinside, we are looking forward to the application market demand. In addition to the stable growth of the curing market, surface/air sterilization Static water sterilization and mobile water sterilization are the main growth kinetic energy in the future. It is estimated that the output value of the UV LED market will reach 991 million US dollars in 2023.