Dell Released The World's First Professional-grade 2K Mini-LED Monitor UP3221Q, The Screen Shows More Details

- Oct 14, 2020-

Dell’s Ultra Sharp series monitors have always been the first choice of many professionals and creators, and the UP3218K 8K monitor we used when testing the latest GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card is also one of this series. Recently, Dell announced that it will add new members to its UltraSharp professional display series, namely UP3221Q, UP2421E and UP3421WE.

In order to help customers improve work efficiency, taking into account outstanding performance, shape design style and use comfort, Dell has launched a solution specifically for the Microsoft Teams Room cloud video conferencing service, as well as the world's first professional-grade 2K mini-LED monitor-Dell UltraSharp 32 HDR PremierColor (UP3221Q).

Senior Bert Park, vice president and general manager of Dell Software and Peripherals, said: "As we adapt to the new mixed work environment, technology is critical to our ability to achieve the best results. Our monitors have always been anything The best partner for PC, and so will our new members. While helping customers increase productivity, we will also provide them with the best performance, style and comfort."

This time, several new displays have their own characteristics, including 2000 mini LED backlight partitions, built-in color calibration meter and blue light filter screen. The first is UP3221Q. This new 4K monitor is the world’s first 31.5-inch mini LED monitor with up to 2000 backlight partitions. This makes it certified by VESA Display1000 and can obtain higher contrast when displaying HDR content. Show more details. And its 99.8% DCI-P3 color gamut and built-in Calman color correction meter are very suitable for the needs of professionals.

As for the 24-inch U2421E, which has a USB Type-C interface, and the 34-inch U3421WE, which also has a USB Type-C interface, it is mainly for office needs. U2321E is Dell’s first monitor with ComfortView Plus, a built-in TUV certified blue light filter solution, which can reduce blue light while maintaining color accuracy as much as possible. The U3421WE is a 95% DCI-P3 color gamut curved display, with a three-sided narrow frame design and built-in audio, which can bring an immersive experience.

It is worth mentioning that the Meeting Space meeting space solution provides a complete ecosystem for Microsoft Teams Rooms so that users can get a seamless video conferencing experience in a mixed working environment.

The above three P series professional monitors (P2721Q / P3221D / P3421W) provide various resolution and productivity functions to suit different working styles. Among them, UP3221Q will be launched globally on November 5, 2020, starting at US$4999.99 (33949 RMB); U2421E is now available worldwide, starting at US$449.99 (3055 RMB); U3431WE will be launched on December 1, 2020 Available globally, starting at US$1199.99 (8148 RMB). Finally, the Dell meeting space solution for Microsoft Teams Room will be available globally on October 15.