China's Outdoor LED Functional Lighting Drive Power Supply Market Will Reach 9.3 Billion In 2021

- May 07, 2020-

Zhongshang Intelligence Network News: The advantages of high energy saving and long service life of LED lighting products can be very beneficial in outdoor lighting fields such as street lights, tunnel lights, and high pole lights. In specific application areas such as highways, bridges, tunnels, airports and other public transportation infrastructure, outdoor LED lighting products are accelerating the replacement of traditional lighting products, and the demand for their replacement and replacement of the stock market and the incremental market of new projects is increasing. Therefore, the outdoor LED drive power industry also has a good market demand development space.

In 2018, the output value of China's outdoor LED functional lighting driving power supply reached 6.2 billion yuan, an increase of 21.6% year-on-year, and the average annual compound growth rate from 2015 to 2018 was 23.4%; it is expected that by 2021, the output value of China's outdoor LED functional lighting driving power supply The scale will reach 9.3 billion yuan, and it will maintain a compound annual growth rate of more than 12% in 2019-2021.

Driving factors of outdoor LED drive power industry

LED street lighting is the field with the highest proportion of outdoor LED lighting applications. Due to the relatively late start of large-scale industry promotion and application, the current market penetration rate is still at a relatively low level. According to the statistics of the China Lighting Appliance Association, LED street lights account for about 30% of China's stock street lights. With the improvement of LED chip and drive power technology in recent years, the technical performance and economic cost performance of LED street lamps are constantly improving. Combined with the characteristics of LED that is very suitable for intelligent control, its market application in stock transformation and new construction projects will be further improved, which will Accelerate the market demand for supporting medium and high power LED drive power supply products.

At the same time, with the accelerated advancement of smart city and 5G network construction, the construction of smart light pole projects is in an accelerated implementation phase, and it is expected to become a rapid growth point for LED lighting and its supporting industries in the future. At present, many major provinces and cities across the country have issued planning or support policies to accelerate the implementation of smart lamppost projects. For example, the "Guangdong Province 5G Base Station and Smart Pole Construction Plan (2019-2022)" issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology in May 2019 specifically proposed to complete the construction of 20,088 new plants in three years from 2019 to 2022 1. The goal of stock transformation of 207,741 smart light poles. The accelerated construction of the smart light pole project is expected to become a rapid growth point in driving the market demand for high-power LED drive power supply products in supporting applications.