Application And Selection Of Aquarium UV Germicidal Lamp

- Dec 17, 2018-

First, the principle and use of aquarium UV germicidal lamp

UV is an abbreviation for Ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp is the same as the fluorescent lamp and the energy-saving lamp. The fluorescent lamp and the energy-saving lamp are made of ordinary glass spray phosphor. The ultraviolet light cannot be transmitted out, and only the visible light is emitted after being absorbed by the phosphor; and the germicidal lamp tube is specially made. Ultraviolet glass or quartz glass production (transparent), ultraviolet light transmitted through the quartz glass, can concentrate on high strength to kill bacteria and viruses, bacteria, and perhaps oval nymphs, oval larvae in a short time, Ultraviolet rays are destroyed by attacking the microbial cell core; there is also the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamps to control the "green water" (algae) problem in the aquarium. It also has a very good control effect, used properly, germicidal lamp against water The color and transparency have unexpected gains, and the control of the disease of the fish is also very efficient.

Second, the type of aquarium UV germicidal lamp

1. UV germicidal lamps have different structures and types, which can be roughly divided into two types: 1 hospital, school disinfection UV lamp. 2 disinfection equipment and aquarium-specific UV lamps. The difference is very large. The UV lamps used in hospitals are mainly used to kill air and underground virus bacteria, which must be exposed to the air, so special care must be taken. The aquarium-specific UV lamp is completely sealed and shielded for safe use. Never direct the unshielded UV lamp to the fish! (I have a friend, a company logistics director, because I envy my blue-bred back 55CM, and two 80CM silver dragons, soft and hard to help him build a dragon tank, 15 meters after 1.2 meters of cylinder After completing the task of smashing the tank, Ruby also lived in the tank, and mixed up with 6 parrots. The fish is in good condition. When it is ecstasy, the “green water” is flooding, asking me what is the best way to persuade him to change the water more. The light is shining, and finally it is not helpful. When there is no way to do it, tell the power of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp, oh~~~ It will immediately go to the company's dining hall and move the UV lamp for disinfection home, huh, huh~ ~ Tian help me, 30W UV lamp just changed on the fish tank lamp holder, one night, it will only be 8 hours, water ah ~ ~ clear pure water, but there are three small parrots in the sky, 25CM ruby off The eye can not move at the bottom of the cylinder, I am afraid that life will not be long, oh!! I blame I did not explain the use situation further! The cost of doing business is very heavy!)

2, from the use of aquarium UV germicidal lamp method, 1 directly put the lamp into the filter tank, called the immersion type (must be covered to prevent UV radiation, suitable for large farms); 2 put the UV lamp into Sealed in the shielded pipe and equipped with a low-powered pump, called over-current (currently the aquarium mainly uses this form). At present, the over-flow type germicidal lamps on the market are divided into two types, one is externally installed, and is installed in the filter pump system. The water outlet of the pump is connected to the water inlet pipe of the germicidal lamp, and is sterilized and sterilized and flows through the filter cotton. 2 submersible (recommended), separate nitrification filtration and sterilization process, put filter cotton in the first layer of water inlet pipe, can physically filter water impurities, and place biochemical cotton on the second layer to collect and culture nitrifying bacteria. Flowing through the UV germicidal lamp, it is basically impossible to cause damage to the nitrifying bacteria.

Third, the life of aqua UV germicidal lamps

The service life of UV germicidal lamps is usually 6000-8000 hours. After that, the efficiency is not as good as before (the submersible can replace the lamp). The germicidal lamp does not need to be used for a long time. Use the timer and use it for 1-2 hours a day. Because its power is mostly between 9W and 16W, it is very energy-efficient to use! The use of aqua UV germicidal lamp, coupled with a low-power motor, into the germicidal lamp to ensure a longer period of exposure, but more than the original design of the water flow through the lamp will affect the disinfection effect. .

Fourth, the correct use of aquarium UV germicidal lamps and questions

1. Will the use of aquarium-specific UV lamps kill even nitrifying bacteria? No, the aquarium UV lamp is sealed, but the water flow only kills the bacteria and viruses carried in the water flow, and the digestive bacteria mainly grow on the filter material, with little influence.

2. What effect does ultraviolet light have on the human body? Ultraviolet rays have a strong lethal effect on bacteria, and also have certain damage to the human body. Because the radiation emitted by ultraviolet lamps is harmful to health, the most vulnerable part of the human body under direct ultraviolet radiation is the cornea and skin, so it is not allowed at any time. Contact the UV lamp that is not shielded from opening, especially if the lamp is not directly visible to the eye to avoid injury.

3. Does the aquarium-specific UV lamp harm people, fish or grass? The penetration of ultraviolet light is not as great as imagined. Any paper, ordinary glass or plastic will greatly reduce the intensity of illumination. Therefore, the sealed UV lamp is harmless to people, fish and grass.

4. The UV lamp only sterilizes the water body circulating through the irradiation pipeline, and is beneficial to the bacteria on the filter material*, but avoids using the UV lamp within one week after the addition of the nitrifying bacteria, because the nitrifying bacteria adhere to the filter material. It takes a certain amount of time.

5, ultraviolet light can produce strong oxidation of ozone, can effectively kill bacteria under two-pronged, but UV light can not be used in the aquarium for 24 hours, because the ozone produced by it, with the water circulation, will cause on the filter material The damage of nitrifying bacteria.

6, UV lamp does not have to be long open, use time interval control, use 1~2 hours per day.

7. I installed activated carbon filter in the filter tank (before nitrocellulose) to absorb ozone, heavy metals and drugs, thus avoiding damage to nitrifying bacteria.

8. It is said that while using UV germicidal lamps, the nitrates with low toxicity in water will be converted into highly toxic nitrites. The result of this process sounds creepy, but in fact, only the germicidal lamps are used every day. In the case of 2 hours, it has been proved that its impact on water quality is insufficient, and in a sound nitrification system, this small impact is negligible. But please note that the fishermen who do not change the water for a long time! There may be too much nitrate in your aquarium, and the use of germicidal lamps may indeed cause a heavier burden on the nitrification filtration system, notable! ! !

9. No one can guarantee whether the germicidal lamp will have a chemical effect with the agent under your medicine. When the medicine is applied, it is a correct practice to ensure that the germicidal lamp is not safe.

V. Summary: The correct use of aquarium UV germicidal lamps is another effective way to control a variety of aquarium pathogens.