Advantages Of Combining Traditional Water Purifiers With Modern UVC LED UV Sterilization Technology

- Sep 11, 2019-

The water purifier refers to a device that filters and purifies different sizes of impurity particles in the water by using different pore sizes of the filter membrane in the filter device. In the water treatment industry, it is also called a water purifier, a water purifier, etc. (Fig. 1) . According to the different use of water, the water quality is filtered and purified to different extents. Currentlyadays, consumers commonly used in the market are mostly small distributed water purifiers for home use. A qualified water purifier can effectively filter and remove rust, sediment, colloidal particles and residual chlorine in the raw water (special pointer for chlorine disinfected tap water), color (flavor), pesticides, etc. Chemicals, further, RO reverse osmosis membrane technology is rapidly entering consumer households in recent years. Water purifiers using reverse osmosis technology can effectively remove impurities such as bacteria, virus toxins and heavy metals in water. With the deepening of consumption upgrades in the Chinese market, people's living standards have improved, especially the rise of the urban middle class, people are paying more and more attention to health and health, and the requirements for water quality have also risen, and water purifiers are increasingly being consumers. The favor has become an indispensable home appliance for many families, and the market demand for water purifiers has also increased.

The use of UVC LEDs in water purifiers is very extensive, which is one of the reasons for the popularity of UVC LEDs. Dongguan Zhiding Electronics Technology Co., Ltd can stably supply 270-280nm SMD UVC LEDs, and the price has an advantage in the market.SMD 3535 UVC 275nm and so on.