Accumulation Holds Mini / Micro LED Product Orders, Performance Is Expected To Hit New Highs

- Jan 29, 2020-

LED driver IC factory has amassed good news, and successfully entered the TV brand factory TCL's latest Micro LED module TV supply chain. In addition, Samsung's Mini LED orders were added in 2020. The legal person is optimistic. Accumulation is expected to sprint in 2020. Micro LED / Mini LED product shipments pushed sales to new highs.

In addition, the integrated LED display and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that have been previously integrated have successfully entered the Internet of Things smart retail concept stores such as Dandy Coffee and Weida Sports, and are officially emerging across the booming IoT market.

Micro LED / Mini LED is regarded as a new generation of display technology, and major manufacturers are now beginning to show their new products to show their technical strength. At the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES), TCL showed the newly built 132-inch Micro LED display with 4K image quality. This Micro LED display is composed of 24 million LEDs, although it is not yet available. A mass production plan is proposed, but it shows that TCL already has the strength of Micro LED / Mini LED.

Aggregate successfully entered TCL's Micro LED display supply chain. The company pointed out that the driving IC used by TCL this time is 48 channels and uses a common cathode architecture. In addition, the built-in Dynamic + dynamic power saving function of the driving IC significantly reduces LEDs. The display power consumption makes the audience not feel the obvious temperature rise when viewing the large indoor high-definition display at close range.

In terms of image performance, Accumulation pointed out that compared to other display technologies, the driver IC introduced by TCL this time brings more color depth performance and higher native contrast, and by its accurate drive current modulation capability, Accurate wide color gamut.

According to the legal person, in addition to TCL, Jujuy is currently also synchronizing TV orders for Samsung Micro LED / Mini LED. With the two major brands having the opportunity to start synchronized shipments in 2020, Juki's related driver IC and module shipments will be synchronized. Looking at growth, there is an opportunity to promote accumulated performance to rewrite new high performance.

Aggregation is optimistic about the development of the smart retail market. Two years ago, it began to integrate the LED display and the Internet of Things to create a smart retail IoT solution. It has officially entered the Linkou concept store of Dandy Coffee and Weida Sports.

According to Accumulation, the company's Internet of Things solution has a precise marketing system, which integrates consumer behavior and accurate marketing situation analysis through face recognition systems and flow analysis, etc., which will help store operators to quickly and efficiently improve operating performance.