About The Color Rendering Of LED Chip Plug-in Lamp Beads

- Jan 15, 2020-

Regarding the color rendering of led lamp beads, most white lights on the market have explicit indications, and now the lamp beads generally have an index greater than 80, and the unit is Ra.

Color rendering is the degree of reduction of the color of the surface of the illuminated object by the illumination light source. It is expressed by the color rendering index Ra. The range of Ra is from 0-100. The closer the Ra value is to 100, the higher the color rendering, the more the color reduction of the surface of the illuminated object. it is good. The color rendering of the light source requires professional instrument testing. The solar spectrum is the most abundant, and it is the light source with the best color rendering. The color rendering of artificial light sources is always lower than that of sunlight. Therefore, the best way to identify the color rendering of artificial light sources is to compare with sunlight. The simplest method is Compare the color of palm or face under sunlight and artificial light source. The closer to the color under sunlight, the better the color rendering. You can also point your palm against the light source to see the color of the palm. Gray or yellow, the color rendering is not good, if the palm of your hand is bloody (red), the color rendering is normal.

For LED light sources, Ra can be roughly divided into 3 levels, Ra is less than 69, Ra is between 70 and 79, Ra is more than 80, high-quality indoor lighting, light sources with Ra greater than 80 should be used.