A Visible Light Sensor With Integrated Amplifier Silicon Photodiode IC Is Introduced.

- Apr 11, 2018-

nanyang, henan - - July 8, 2017, nanyang announced that launched the photodiode IC wafer, integrated into the small size of 3.5 mm x 2.7 mm x 3.5 mm surface-mount packaging - SG - IC3528 series of photoelectric sensors, extend its optoelectronic product portfolio. Save a space of SG - IC3528 series chip integrates with visible light amplification signal reception IC and temperature compensation, high sensitive photosensitive receiver, wide working temperature range, da 40 to + 105 ℃.

Electronics (SGECL) optical sensor is exclusive infrared filter technology (patent number: ZL201420444477.4) of epoxy resin, can make the photographic sensitivity characteristic of the human eye, spectral matching and sensitivity to the non visible light is very small. This characteristic avoids the interference of infrared components in artificial lighting such as natural light, incandescent lamp and halogen bulb. After integrating this technology, the product is superior to competing products and standard silicon phototransistor.

The optical device has the same ease of use as the photodiode, but has the same high current output as the phototransistor. You can adapt to different lighting conditions by selecting different RSS resistances or changing the input voltage Vdd. We also provide a low gain visible light sensor with a low gain, which can reach 0-7000lux.