5G Business Promotion Boosts Demand For LED Sensing Components

- Feb 02, 2020-

Taiwan LED factory Dingyuan held a talk on December 16th, saying that this season, the use of sensing elements in wearables and medical demand is heating up, and the company's capacity utilization rate remains high, about 80%. The legal person is optimistic that Dingyuan's operation is "seasonally high," not only will this season's operation be better than the previous season, it will also continue to increase in the first quarter of next year.

Dingyuan is optimistic that with the global 5G commercialization, the demand for a wide range of smart devices such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and automobiles will increase, and the demand for sensors will greatly increase. This year, it will continue to expand applications in medical and other fields, sprinting operations with product diversity.

The legal person pointed out that the wearable market is growing strongly. Taking smart bracelets as an example, global shipments in 2019 are estimated to reach 75.72 million, an annual growth of 13.7%. In particular, smart bracelets mainly focus on healthy sports functions and are well received by consumers. It is expected that 2020 It still has a growth rate of more than 20% in 2015. The demand for sensing components has grown in tandem, which helps operations.

In terms of medical treatment, as the market demand for infrared sensing continues to grow, we are optimistic that Dingyuan's orders for infrared sensing products will continue to rise. It is estimated that Dingyuan's operating performance this season will be better than the third quarter, in conjunction with the Lunar New Year Business opportunities continue to increase in the first quarter of next year.

Dingyuan's November revenue was 200 million yuan (NT $, the same below), with a monthly increase of 1.1% and an annual increase of 8.2%. 5G was a nearly four-month high; the first November revenue was 2.303 billion yuan, an annual decrease of 18.6%.

Dingyuan's current major product line revenue share is: LED accounts for 40%, silicon sensing element light is 52%, and optical fiber communication is 8%.

Dingyuan believes that automotive, medical, wearable, industrial control, communication and other applications will be the growth momentum for next year; in terms of high-frequency sensing components, with the increase in 5G demand, the market has gradually felt warming, and high-precision power components And the sensing elements have begun to send samples, which are all promising business next year.

Dingyuan emphasized that the company will continue to develop high-frequency / high-power infrared LED products, and various types of Si sensing elements and protection elements based on the existing business, and develop local sales models for different markets.

The legal person expects that in the future Dingyuan will increase the proportion of Si element product sales and is expected to increase profitability. In response to the development needs of the semiconductor lighting market, Dingyuan actively expands integrated power and protection components. With the 2020 5G commercialization in more countries around the world, driving new application growth, Dingyuan's operating performance is expected to be better than this year. (Source: Taiwan Economic Daily)