Car Emergency Light Led Flashlight

Portable rechargeable, high battery life, multiple working modes, power-saving flashlight.
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Car emergency light led flashlight

Portable rechargeable, high battery life, multiple working modes, power-saving flashlight.


Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: ALLIGHT

Lighting Period (h): 24

Specification: 3.7V/ 2500mAh

Charging: Voltage DC5V, about 5 hours

Weight: 170g

Car Emergency Light Led Flashlight

Portable Ultra Bright Handheld LED Flashlight with 3 Light Modes Application:

The high-intensity rechargeable flashlight uses the latest technology to give excellent performance, robustness and reliability in the most extreme conditions. It is widely used in the fields of public security departments, railway, military, police, patrol, transportation, civil aviation, forestry and customs inspection etc.

1. Camping Hiking.

2. Auto emergency maintenance lighting.

3. Warning light mode.

4. Small light night mode.

5. Suitable for reading and observation.

6. Long range strong light function.

7. Auto emergency maintenance lighting.

8. Necessary for outdoor car driving.

Car emergency light led flashlight

Car emergency light led flashlight

Car emergency light led flashlight

Working mode conversion method:

A. Emergency light mode: press O button to enter emergency strong light mode, then press again  to enter low light mode, and then press again to enter flash mode. Then press to exit emergency light mode. Press O and O button to exit emergency light mode in any mode of emergency lights.

B. Small night light mode: press O button to enter small night light mode, and the side white LED will light up, then press the O button again to exit small night light mode.

C. Warning light mode: under boot state, press O button flashing warning status, side yellow LED enter into flashing mode, press O button again to exit warning light mode.

Note: when the product is in any of the three modes, the function key of the other two modes is to exit the current mode and enter the corresponding functional mode.

Car emergency light led flashlight

Continuous working time:

Emergency light mode high light level about 4 hours

Emergency light mode low light level about 8 hours

Small night light mode about 24 hours

Side warning light mode blinks continuously for about 20 hours

Usage notes:

1. Avoid storing in dark and damp place to prolong battery life;

2. It is best to charge the battery every 3 months to avoid damaging the battery if it is not used for a long time;

3. Turn off all functions when charging to extend battery life;

4. Avoid falling from a height to protect the internal battery and circuit;

5. If the light is obviously dimmed, please charge it in time to ensure sufficient charging time to extend the battery life;

6. When using the emergency light function, the light can not be directly aimed at the eyes, so as not to affect the vision.

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Car emergency light led flashlight

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