Why does the UVLED industry use UVLED vacuum welding process?

- Jan 13, 2020-

UV curing light sources have a wide range of applications. There are a large number of applications in the printing industry, circuit board industry, electronic medical, instrument packaging, display screens, and so on. However, most of the UV curing light sources in these fields are still traditional gas discharge lamps. Some conventional lamps have heavy metal materials such as mercury in them, which are very polluting to the environment. Second, this traditional UV lamp consumes high energy and has a life of only 800-3000 hours when in use, and needs to be replaced frequently. With the rapid development of the LED industry, UVLED chips have appeared. The emergence of UVLED chips can just solve these problems.

UVLED has many advantages, as follows:

1. The life of UVLED can reach 20000 ~ 30,000 hours, which is longer than that of mercury lamp.

2, UVLED does not contain mercury, environmental protection and pollution-free.

3. The overall heat of UVLED is small, and it can light up instantly. Low overall energy consumption.

4. UVLED emits high-purity 365nm monochromatic ultraviolet light, which belongs to cold light source and has no thermal radiation; the temperature of the workpiece only rises by about 3 degrees, and the processed parts will not be deformed.

5. UVLED is small in size and can be easily integrated into the automated assembly process or used as a complete desktop system. In this way, the volume of the uvled module is only 1/5 of the traditional curing machine.

6. UVLED's energy is highly concentrated in a certain ultraviolet spectrum with effective curing effect, shortening the curing time to 0.5 to 5 seconds, and the curing time is fast.

Due to the above six characteristics, UVLED will cause a UV light curing industry revolution. However, there are still some difficulties in the wide-scale promotion of UVLED at present. The reasons are as follows: ① UVLED's optical power density is not enough to allow UV ink to cure quickly; it needs to be continuously upgraded to higher power UVLED chips. ② At present, the cost of UVLED is too high and its reliability has been greatly affected. ③ Insufficient heat dissipation of high-power UVLED affects the reliability of the light source module. To improve reliability. UVLED manufacturers introduced UVLED vacuum furnaces during welding. Through the UVLED vacuum welding process, the void ratio can be reduced to less than 3%, which effectively improves the reliability of high-power UVLED welding. At the same time, by designing a heat-dissipating substrate with water cooling, fast and efficient heat dissipation also improves the reliability of UVLED long-term use.