What Should I Consider When Buying a Floor Lamp?

- Jul 03, 2018-

Every room needs lighting. Light fixtures or table lamps alone do not always provide adequate light, but a floor lamp can easily be added wherever it is needed. Your lighting needs, room design and budget are important considerations when buying a floor lamp.

A torchiere style floor lamp, with its narrow base and flared shade, is one of the most common and popular styles of floor lamps. Many torchieres are halogen lamps. Although often more expensive than regular incandescent bulbs, halogen light bulbs are energy-efficient and offer a clean, clear light.

Some torchiere and tree-like styles of floor lamps feature an added reading light. A floor lamp with a reading light is perfect to put next to your favorite reading seat. A gooseneck, or a lamp with a flexible metal attachment, can be adjusted to whatever angle best suits you and your activity. Reading, working on a craft project and watching television may all require different amounts of light.

A Japanese kabuki floor lamp can add a soft white light and a serene presence to a room, while a colorful metal gooseneck floor lamp with numerous up-lights can give a room a contemporary feeling. Floor lamp bowls or shades come in a wide range of shapes such as round, square or flared and can add an interesting design element to a room. Materials used in floor lamps vary widely. A traditional styled floor lamp may have a pleated cloth shade with a brass or wooden base, while more contemporary style floor lamps may be sleek and sparse in brushed nickel or black metal.

A pharmacy style floor lamp in either blackened brass or antiqued nickel can suit many room styles. A pharmacy style floor lamp is both sleek and old-fashioned looking. The base is sparse, yet an extended metal arm stretches out from the top of the lamp and holds an often scoop-shaped light bulb cover.

Budget is a big consideration when buying a floor lamp as prices on these lamps range from under $30.00 US Dollars (USD) to several hundred dollars. Even one or two very inexpensive floor lamps can liven up a dorm room or small apartment while adding needed light. For bigger budgets, designer floor lamps or Tiffany-style stained glass floor lamps may be appealing.

Consider adding a floor lamp or two to a dark basement recreation room, or any area in your home that could use extra light and style. A floor lamp makes a statement because it is tall and breaks up the monotony of low pieces of furniture such as sofas and tables. Whether standing alone in a corner or together in pairs flanking another piece of furniture, floor lamps add pizazz as well as light to living spaces.