What are the main uses of LED electronic displays?

- May 23, 2019-

LED electronic display is also called "LED display", and LED display is divided into monochrome, two-color, full-color LED display, full-color LED display is used in the market, so gradually LED electronic display Become a full color LED display

Another synonym for it.

Here we mainly talk about the use of LED electronic display, how it is applied in life and show its advantages.

The use of monochrome LED electronic display is mainly displayed in the way of displaying fonts, such as: the information on the mall, supermarket, store, the main purpose is to display the information that the merchant needs to display, and this way is very attractive. The customer can let the customers at the door know the information delivered by the merchant, and the reminder is obvious. Generally speaking, it is more common in small shops, shopping malls, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable markets, traffic roads and some public places.

The use of two-color LED electronic display is mainly seen in airports, stations, terminals, banks, etc., because its dual-color display has one more color than the monochrome display, so the use of dual-color LED display is naturally more than the use of monochrome. Wide. It can mainly display two colors or two combined colors to make the display more beautiful.

Full-color LED electronic display is more widely used. The above-mentioned monochrome and two-color applications, full-color LED electronic display can also be done, but the price of full-color LED electronic display is also much more expensive than the other two types. . Full-color LED electronic display mainly in exhibitions, ports, airports, railway stations, bus stations, large sports and exhibition venues, intelligent transportation, highways, banks, advertising, electricity, commerce, telecommunications, hospitals, taxation, banking, trading markets Almost all relevant systems and industries, such as the Civic Square, can be said to be comprehensive coverage. The main features of the full-color LED electronic display are: easy to promote, display in the form of animation, more convenient memory, rich advertising content, high advertising arrival rate, large display area, and diverse playback modes. The LED advertising form is novel and easy to be accepted by the majority of users. The LED advertising screen is widely used in many public places and traffic routes, attracting the attention of the viewers and the audience with a wide range of visual, visual and vivid advertisements. It is more compulsory than traditional media. In addition to outdoor advertising, it can also publish information to enrich people's cultural and entertainment life, which is affirmed and loved by the masses.


From the above information, we can see that the LED electronic display screen is used as a propaganda media for the new era. Its characteristics are self-evident for the effect of the current advertisement, and we firmly believe that the traditional media will be completely replaced by the LED electronic display in the near future. . By then, LED electronic displays will be more widely used.