What are the factors affecting the price of LED lamp beads?

- Jan 23, 2020-

LED lamp beads play a vital role in LED display screens, but many people do n’t know much about the price of LED lamp beads. What makes LED lamp beads prices so different? Take a look at the following introduction to understand clearly, let's take a look at the price of LED lamp beads and its influencing factors!

LED size

Different sizes of LEDs have different prices. For example, the prices of 0603 LEDs and 1210 or 3528 LEDs are quite different; and the prices of 1210 and 5050 LEDs are another step apart. Don't just pay attention to the price when buying LED lamp beads. It should be comprehensively evaluated from the following aspects in order to purchase inexpensive LED lamp beads.

LED lamp bead chip

The chips include domestic and Taiwan chips and imported chips (including US chips, Japanese chips, German chips, etc.). Different chips have different prices. At present, the most expensive American chips, followed by Japanese chips and German chips, and the lowest-priced Taiwan chips have slightly worse heat dissipation performance. What chip is used? What effect do you want to achieve? Be sure to know before you buy.

LED package

Divided into resin packaging and silicone packaging. Resin packages are cheaper. Everything else is the same. Silicone package has good heat dissipation performance, so the price is a little more expensive than resin package.

LED color consistency

At present, there are many packaging factories in China. There are also thousands of big and small, and of course there are strengths and weaknesses. There are many small packaging factories, because there is no optical separation and color separation machine, so either the optical separation and color separation is not performed, or it is sent out, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality. LEDs that have not undergone spectroscopic separation have poor color consistency, and the effect after being mounted on the LED lamp beads is not so good, of course, the price difference is also relatively large.

LED welding effect

The assembly of LED lamp beads is divided into manual welding and machine welding. Manual soldering is the use of a soldering iron, using the most primitive method of soldering. The products that are imported in this way of operation are ugly in appearance (inconsistent solder joint size in Fuzhou LED electronic display), and secondly, the electrostatic maintenance measures are not good, and many LED chips are broken down, resulting in slight or no light when the power is turned on. Machine welding is reflow soldering, but machine soldering is different. Not only does the product look beautiful after soldering (the solder joints are the same size, the solder joints are smooth, there is no flux residue, the LED package is intact), and the chip is not burned by static electricity. At the same time, the LED position and direction are more beautiful. This can be seen directly from the appearance.

FPC material

FPC is divided into two kinds of rolled copper and copper. Copper clad board is cheaper and rolled copper is more expensive. The pad of the copper-clad board is easy to fall off when bent, but the rolled copper does not. Which FPC material is used depends on the salesperson to make a decision based on the use environment.

Has FPC passed the environmental certification and UL certification? Are there any patents on LEDs? No price is low. Certified and patented are more expensive.

LED brightness

Different brightness LEDs have different prices. The price difference between ordinary brightness and bright LED is quite different. Therefore, when buying, you must clearly know what kind of brightness you need so that you can more accurately position your product.

LED color

The colors are different. The prices are different. ; White and green are more difficult to match and separate, so the price is higher than other colors; red, yellow, blue and other colors are easier to separate and separate, and the consistency is better, so the price is slightly cheaper. Special colors such as purple and brown are the most expensive due to color matching.