What are the Different Types of LED Lighting Fixtures?

- Apr 26, 2018-

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is generally gaining popularity as the lighting technology of choice for most homes and businesses. This is because LED lighting is much safer, cheaper, and more energy efficient than other lighting sources. Most common LED lighting fixtures include LED light panels, LED garden lighting, LED wall washers, LED rope lighting, and LED office lighting. Other examples are LED spotlights, LED scanners, LED cove lighting, LED tube lighting and LED displays, among many others.

These LED lighting fixtures usually have higher luminance and yet they consume less energy, thus inspiring many office buildings to convert to LED lighting. The use of LED computer displays is also becoming more common in many work places. Lobbies, entryways, conference rooms, and parking lots can be illuminated using LED lighting fixtures as well. Companies that are already using this technology report that they are consuming approximately 48 percent less energy than when they were using their old lighting technology.

Commercial and industrial operations are also starting to implement LED lighting technology. With the promise of lower costs and better lighting, a number of restaurants, factories, hotels, and other business establishments have already started using LED lighting fixtures. Most of these LED light panels, LED wall washers, LED rope lighting, and LED spotlights are not only energy efficient, but they are visually appealing as well. This is why a number of interior decorators and architects are integrating various LED lighting fixtures into their plans and designs.

Applications for LED lighting are generally being developed every day. LED lighting fixtures are being used by all kinds of businesses and households not only for cost efficiency and energy conservation, but also for aesthetic purposes. Aside from these benefits, LED lighting are also much safer to use because they do not break easily, do not emit heat, and they can be recycled.