What are the Different Types of LED Outdoor Lights?

- Nov 12, 2018-

LED lighting is known for being bright, long-lasting, and energy efficient, so it is no wonder that many homeowners not only use this type of light inside the home, but outside, as well. LED outdoor lights are especially helpful in solar lighting since they do not need much energy to work well. Security lights also work best with LED lighting since this kind of bulb is so bright. This type of bulb can also provide light for any front yard or backyard, such as in a garden, on a deck, or in a pool. Finally, many people decorate their yard with strings of LED outdoor lights, whether during the holidays or for special events.

Solar lights have become one of the most popular types of outdoor lighting since many people wish to save both electricity and money while keeping their yard lit up. LED outdoor lights can be used in solar light fixtures placed along pathways, or along the edges of a garden or lawn. This type of light can allow visitors to see where they are walking, or admire a well-kept yard, without forcing the homeowners to spend a lot of money on bulbs that take lots of energy and need to be replaced often. For this reason, LED outdoor lights often work well for solar lighting.

Security lights need to be bright and long-lasting, which is why LED bulbs are often used in these outdoor light fixtures. In fact, homeowners looking to save money on lighting may combine this type of bulb with a light that features a motion sensor, in which case the light only turns on when someone approaches. This combination can help ensure that the LED bulb lasts a particularly long time.

Many people outfit their yard with decorative lights that allow them to show off attractive outdoor features, such as plants, trees, and statues. Homeowners with a pool may place an LED bulb in their pool's light fixture to be able to see while swimming at night. Those with a deck or hot-tub in their backyard often use LED outdoor lights, as well, allowing them to entertain at night without having to use larger light fixtures that take up more energy. Deck lights can even be built into the surface, resulting in a streamlined look.

Some people do not use decorative lights in their yard year round, but do enjoy using them temporarily. For example, many strings of holiday lights use LED bulbs, and can be placed along rooftops or in bushes. They are available in many different colors, including the popular lighting shade of blue, or just white. LED outdoor lights can also be used during special events, as strings of them are often displayed along pathways, fences, or shrubs to create a festive, well-lit atmosphere.