Vertical farms have become a global trend, Signify LED grow lights help mass production of crops in multiple locations

- Oct 17, 2020-

Vertical farms have become a new global trend. Signify helped Canada’s GoodLeaf community farm to build a high-tech horticultural lighting system. It also simultaneously imported Sanxin horticulture and planting oncidium and lettuce in Taiwan to put it into mass production.

Signify today said that with the food demand crisis brought about by the increase in the global population, LED agricultural lighting can help increase the yield of crops per unit area, which is regarded as a key solution to the food crisis, and companies from all countries are actively investing.

Recently, GoodLeaf Community Farm in Canada announced that it has joined hands with the global lighting leading brand Signify to fully introduce the Philips LED horticultural lighting system into its most advanced technology farm. It not only helps to increase the annual output of vegetables, but also increases the flavor of the crops and improves the nutritional value.

In European and American countries, plant factories that use artificial control of light, temperature and nutrition have become popular. Through vertical planting and plant-specific light formulas, not only can agricultural production not be affected by the climate, but also crops can be cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilizers to increase production and nutritional value.

Signify pointed out that after the introduction of agricultural lighting into the Taiwan market, it has also achieved remarkable results. Its successful experience is the planting of Oncidium Sanxin Horticulture under the name of Oncidium as an example. The cultivation of Oncidium requires low temperature to induce flowering and stable light. , Through the different lighting formulas of the Philips GreenPower LED top light module, the oncidium grows healthily in the airtight cold storage. Due to the remarkable effect, Sanxin Gardening also introduced this technology to the lettuce planting.

Since Taiwan's lettuce mostly relies on imports, lettuce grown in a greenhouse has a long growth cycle and its quality is difficult to control. After Sanxin Horticulture introduced the Philips GreenPower LED top-light module, the lettuce grown by it was very good in appearance and taste, making it mass production.

With consumers paying more and more attention to food safety and quality today, the technological advancement of vertical farms in all aspects will inevitably bring a new look to the future of food and agriculture. How vertical farms will break through the challenges brought by different regions in the future is an emerging field worth looking forward to and paying attention to.

With the expansion of the vertical farm market, the plant lighting market has become more popular, and companies from all over the world have increased their layout efforts. The growth LED market scale for plants is growing year by year.

According to TrendForce's estimates, the global LED plant lighting market size in 2018 will be approximately 224 million U.S. dollars, and it will grow to 633 million U.S. dollars by 2022, with a compound growth rate of 30% from 2018 to 2022. (Source: Taiwan Economic Daily)