UVC LED disinfection cup design practical experience sharing

- Nov 11, 2019-

Water glasses are one of the essential items in daily life, especially for students, travellers, outdoor sports enthusiasts and expedition examiners who often carry water glasses with them. However, the water in the cup is prone to germs after long-term storage. Even after drinking the water, the moist environment in the cup is a breeding ground for bacteria, which directly affects the health of the drinker.

As a popular new deep ultraviolet light source, UVC-LED emits deep ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 260-280 nm, which can directly destroy bacteria and virus DNA or RNA, and has a fast, safe and no side effect sterilization effect.

With the maturity of UVC-LED technology, more and more everyday products are beginning to appear in it. The water cup equipped with UVC-LED disinfection technology is a potential product with huge demand. What are the issues to be aware of when designing such a new water cup? The content shared below is a few key points in the actual design of the UVC-LED sterilizing water cup scheme, and it is hoped that it will lead the way to attract jade.

First, the application scenario

The same is the disinfection cup, the home and outdoor applications have a fundamental difference in product design.

Daily household, daily outing, the water source in these scenes is relatively clean, the storage time is generally less than 24 hours, the simple induction is to continue to inhibit the clean water and the humid environment in the absence of water; and outdoor applications, The water cups carried in the expedition and even marching operations often need to directly take the wild water source. After filtering and sterilizing, they can be used for human consumption. Simple induction is to sterilize the bacteria water.

The difference between the two functions of bacteriostasis and sterilization directly affects the selection and layout of the UVC-LED in the solution, as well as the corresponding heat dissipation design and power supply design, and a clear positioning is required before product design.