Update iteration of led big screen production

- May 18, 2019-

Update iteration of led big screen production:


1, the first generation: led large screen production

 Based on a single red color, the display text and simple patterns are mainly used for notification, announcement and passenger flow guidance systems.


2, the second generation: double primary color multi-gray display production

 Red and yellow-green are the basic colors. Because there is no blue color, it can only be called pseudo-color. It can display multi-gray images and videos. It is widely used in telecommunications, banking, taxation, hospitals, government agencies, etc. Display slogans, public service advertisements and image promotion information.

3, the third generation: full color (multicolor) multi-gray display production

 With red, blue and yellow-green as the base color, it can display more realistic images and is gradually replacing the previous generation.


4, the fourth generation: true color (true color) multi-gray display production

 With red, blue and pure green as the base color, you can truly reproduce all the colors of nature (in color coordinates even beyond the natural color range). Can display a variety of video images and color advertising, its gorgeous color, bright high brightness, delicate contrast, in the field of advertising applications have excellent visual impact.