The laser tube does not emit light and the reason that the laser light is weak

- Apr 11, 2018-

1. The laser tube is weak. The reason for laser tube light emission in laser engraving machine is :(1) the laser tube is burnt or the laser tube is burnt out. (2) laser tube light failure. (3) a part of the laser power supply is burned out. (4) low power of laser setting. (5) the power regulator is not adjusted to the maximum.

2.The laser does not light. The reason for the laser imprinting of laser engraving machine is :(1) the water level switch is broken. (2) interruption of the high voltage line. (3) the laser tube is broken or burned. (4) the laser power is broken. (5) no water circulation, including water pipe plug and water pump not working. (6) the water protection line is broken or the contact is not good. (7) the laser power supply voltage enters less than 220V. (8) no signal access to the laser power supply.

Therefore, users can solve the problem of laser tube through the above analysis when encountering the above problems.