The founder of Jingneng Optoelectronics was elected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

- Dec 21, 2019-

On November 22, the list of newly elected members of the Academy of Sciences in 2019 was officially announced. The inventor of the silicon substrate LED technology, the founder of Jingneng Optoelectronics, and the professor Yang Changfeng of Nanchang University, He Lie, which is the highest honor of the country for its scientific achievements, and it is also the 2015 national technology invention following the silicon substrate LED technology Since the first prize, another great event in China's LED lighting field.

As early as 1997, Professor Jiang Fengyi began research on LED technology, but was not satisfied with tracking simulation. In 2003, Professor Jiang Fengyi led a team to start research on the growth of gallium nitride LED materials on silicon substrates. In 2005, a major technological breakthrough was achieved. In 2006, he and Wang Min and others introduced venture capital to co-found Jingneng Optoelectronics, which was the first in the world to realize large-scale industrialization of silicon substrate blue LEDs. The first prize of the 2015 National Technological Invention Award was spent on silicon substrate LED technology, which established China's leading position in the global silicon substrate LED technology field.

After 13 years of iterative upgrades on silicon substrate blue light LED technology, product performance runs parallel with international manufacturers. Jingneng Optoelectronics' silicon substrate blue light LED chip has independent intellectual property rights, which can be driven with high power and high current. Good, good heat dissipation and high reliability. It has a wide range of applications in high-power lighting fields such as automotive lighting, mobile phone flashes, and high-end mobile lighting. It has successfully achieved import substitution, and its shipments are among the highest in the industry. At the same time, the silicon-based LED blue light technology has spawned a silicon-based LED industry chain with Jingneng Optoelectronics-Crystal Energy Semiconductors-CEC Crystal and Lighting-Greenfield Automotive Lighting as the main company, and has built Nanchang Light in the Jiangxi Provincial Government. With the policy dividend of constructing a 100 billion industrial base, it has attracted more and more LED companies, such as China Micro Semiconductor, Hongli Optoelectronics, Zhaochi Optoelectronics, Qianzhao Optoelectronics, and Formed a complete LED industry cluster with complete independent knowledge.

Silicon substrate LED technology is far more than blue light LED. Based on silicon substrate LED blue light technology, it can be extended to ultraviolet, yellow-green light, electronic devices and other fields. Jingneng Optoelectronics has successfully developed the domestic leading silicon substrate UV LED light source, which is widely used in industrial curing (ink, printing, etc.), nail art, mosquito trapping and other fields, and also ranks among the top in domestic shipments. In the field of cutting-edge technology, Jingneng Optoelectronics has extended the advantages of large-size silicon substrate LED technology to Micro LED and gallium nitride electronic devices, especially gallium nitride electronic devices, leading the country in the field of material epitaxy. At the same time, Professor Jiang Fengyi's team's silicon substrate LED yellow-green technology is at the leading level in the world, and the technical achievements have been recognized by international authorities including Nobel Prize winner Physics Shuji Nakamura.

It is conceivable that silicon substrate LED technology is a root technology that can cover various branch technologies such as ultraviolet, blue light, green light, and electronic devices. Each branch technology can give birth to a multi-chain industry, without breaking branches and leaves, and thriving. growing up. Jingneng Optoelectronics CEO Wang Min is very confident about this. He said: Professor Jiang Fengyi's election as an academician is another great contribution to silicon substrate LED technology. In the next five years, through technology openness, fund support, nest building Based on the substrate LED technology, the silicon substrate LED industry will attract and incubate hundreds of enterprises, forming a 30 billion yuan high-end special lighting industry cluster in Nanchang.