The era of digital lighting How does OSRAM unlock the unlimited potential of light

- Nov 20, 2019-

From October 28th to 30th, 2019 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair was successfully held at the Hong Kong Exhibition Center. As a leading global high-tech company with more than 110 years of brand history, OSRAM is always striving to explore the possibilities of light and improve humanity. Quality of life. From virtual reality, autonomous driving, smart phones, to smart lighting solutions in buildings and cities, OSRAM presented the latest products and cutting-edge technologies during the show, fully explaining the different applications. Different requirements.

According to the OFweek Semiconductor Lighting Network, the design of the OSRAM booth was integrated into the streamlined design of the Tianjin Library, which was reproduced with delicate lighting effects, and outlined a line of distinct lines that interweave the rhythm of light.

Among them, the “Eye of the Eyes” in the middle of the booth changed the color with the music, which made the booth full of vitality and was loved by the guests.

In addition to the exquisite booth, OSRAM also held a seminar on the theme of “Digital Empowerment and Creating a Thrilling Experience”, which gathered the digital technology trends of the lighting industry and used light as a medium to depict a grand blueprint for a future smart city.

As a 113-year-old high-tech company, OSRAM is self-innovating all the time. The new OSRAM will move from a company focused on lighting and visible light to a high-tech company in the optoelectronics industry. In the new era of digitalization, smart technology is leading the lighting industry. OSRAM will also focus on semiconductor technology, shaping the future with solutions in the visible and invisible areas.

Osram has also accumulated a lot of experience in the construction of smart buildings and smart cities. Dr. Dr. Global CEO, OSRAM Digital Division Wilhelm Nehring explained the projects of Wuhan Greenland Center, Shanghai TV Tower and Beijing Daxing International Airport, indicating that OSRAM can provide visual lighting design. In addition to basic lighting, it also has the function of “beautifying” the city, which can help the construction of smart cities.

For the development trend of digital lighting, Zheng Jianwei, the founder/famous lighting designer of "Light Story", believes that "in addition to the hardware changes, the development of the lighting industry is also very important."

Dr. Dr. Global CEO, OSRAM Digital Division Wilhelm Nehring said that smart lighting must be comprehensive coverage in the future, ubiquitous. He believes that smart lighting in the future will create a possibility to give people everything they need at the right time and place. For example, smart street lights can increase the interactivity between infrastructures, enabling air pollution detection, telecommunications, and real-time monitoring. With new technology, we can even achieve accurate navigation indoors, while in indoor applications in office buildings, Light will take care of everything in the building, and smart sensors will detect and control the office building for maximum efficiency.

Dr. According to Wilhelm Nehring, another trend in digital lighting is the development of digital ceilings. This technology enables intelligent, interconnected lighting that makes buildings smarter, saving energy and increasing floor area, as well as making the most of sunlight.

Osram China CEO Dr. Roland Mueller said that from lighting to optoelectronics, OSRAM has been open and innovative in recent years, and the innovation and development of the Internet of Things, more big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, each segment has triggered a new round of The trend has brought new breakthroughs to lighting products and user scenarios in a wider range of fields. It is expected that by 2015, there will be 50 billion IoT devices connected together, during which smart lighting systems are expected to become this trend. The biggest beneficiary.

Currently, OSRAM's products are used in a wide range of applications from virtual reality to autonomous driving, from smartphones to networks, to intelligent lighting solutions to buildings and cities. And the grand blueprint for the future city, Osram is quietly realized.

Regarding the challenges of smart technology development, Ms. Traxon e: cue global research and development director Minna Lai believes that the lighting industry will shift from a traditional industry to the electronics industry or the Internet of Things industry, need to consider the security of the system, prevent hackers from invading the lighting system, and at the same time balance Lighting convenience and user privacy. We need to learn from other industries to accelerate the transformation of the lighting industry.

From a commercial point of view, the threshold of the lighting industry is not high, many companies claim to be able to provide lighting systems, but with the changes in technology, the market competition environment has also changed. Minna Lai believes that the future lighting industry will not only sell hardware, but also need to find new business models from the information extracted from the lighting system. In addition, the technology will be close to everyone, becoming everything that can be touched, so that everyone can feel the temperature in the technology.

Wilhelm Cheng of Osram's partner and Prosperity Group said that "digital lighting is creating value for users." He then shared the value and future trends in making lighting more professional, innovative and user friendly. It can be seen that the digitalization of lighting can understand the needs of users and solve the commercial pain points, which has great market value.

Although the 2019 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair has ended, the pace of exploring the potential of the future will not slow down. In the future, OSRAM still adheres to the spirit of sharing, creation and progress, letting light not only limit the city, but also combine light and technology to make human life better!