The epidemic drove the awareness of the masses, Yanjing is optimistic about the growth of UV LED sterilization and disinfection applications

- May 20, 2020-

With the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic worldwide, people's awareness of health management has greatly increased, and various epidemic-related consumer products such as masks, alcohol, and bleach are sold out of stock. Many consumers have also begun to pay attention to UVC LED related products with sterilization function, and strengthen the epidemic prevention through various means.

Since the low price of lighting products in the past two or three years, the invisible light LED products, including ultraviolet and infrared LEDs, are niche products that manufacturers are actively working on. This year, affected by the epidemic situation, the antibacterial awareness has increased, and UVC LEDs that can disinfect and sterilize have received unprecedented attention and market heat. Relevant manufacturers also took advantage of this wave of anti-epidemic applications and launched related products.

Among them, Yanjing Optoelectronics, which focuses on UV LED technology, and the developed UVC LED air sterilization machine are also expected to be launched this year.

LEDinside visited Wei Zhihong, chairman and general manager of Yanjing Optoelectronics, to further understand the impact of this epidemic on the development of UVC LED technology and market application.

Wei Zhihong pointed out that Yanjing Optoelectronics has been cultivating UV LEDs for many years. In addition to researching technology, it also continues to promote the application of UVC LED sterilization, but the market response is not enthusiastic. Until this year, because of the spread of the epidemic, the public began to care about various ways of disinfection and sterilization. UVC LED application is homeopathic and high in popularity.

And this timing also happens when UVC LED technology is gradually maturing, chip prices are falling, and module development is completed, it can officially enter the stage of mass production.

This year, Yanjing will jointly launch with customers air-conditioning models equipped with UVC LED sterilization effect. The UVC LED built into the air conditioner irradiates the air passing through the machine, kills some bacteria and viruses, and then repeatedly sterilizes through the air circulation to reduce the number of germs in the overall indoor environment. In addition to air conditioners, portable air sterilization cleaners using the same principle will also enter the market this year.

The sterilization of flowing water is also the technical application of continuous investment of Yanjing. Yanjing and Guangmeng have formed a strategic alliance, from chip production, module development to product sales. Both parties have vertically integrated their strengths to create a mobile water sterilization module that can achieve 99.99% sterilization.

Wei Zhihong emphasized that to improve the anti-virus sterilization efficiency of UVC LEDs, it is not only necessary to strengthen the power of the chip, but to make the light evenly irradiate water, air or other items to be sterilized. Therefore, optical design is the key. The flow water sterilization module developed by Yanjing only requires a 20mW UVC LED chip, with special optical design, which can evenly distribute ultraviolet light in the module and effectively achieve sterilization. The product was also exhibited by Guangjun at Photonics West this year.

Facing the next market trend, Wei Zhihong said that after nearly three years of technical product development, the UVC LED sterilization and disinfection used in air and water are now ready for mass production, although the production delay caused by the epidemic may affect the end product Mass production, but as consumers ’antibacterial awareness has gradually been established, the future UVC LED application market has a lot of opportunities. (Text: LEDinside)