Signify's UVC ultraviolet disinfection products protect the safety of British Joker players

- Mar 04, 2021-

According to the news on the official account of Philips Professional Lighting China on the 25th, Signify provided Twickenham Stoop with UVC disinfection products to ensure safety in the stadium.

It is reported that the stadium is the home of the Harlequins of the Premier League rugby club club. The Joker is the first professional club in the UK to adopt UVC ultraviolet technology and the first rugby club in the world to install UVC ultraviolet lighting products.

Signify’s partner Powercor installed 11 sets of Philips upper air UVC ultraviolet air disinfection systems for The Honours Bar in Twickenham Stadium, which were fixed by brackets 80 cm from the ceiling.

Thanks to the high installation position and ingenious light path design, the system can disinfect the flowing air in the presence of personnel. Natural convection can transport the sterilized air to the bottom of the space. In addition, specially designed reflectors and shading louvers can prevent accidental exposure of the human body to UVC ultraviolet radiation.

Laurie Dalrymple, chief executive officer of the Joker team, said that he is very happy to be the first professional club in the UK to use UVC ultraviolet disinfection technology, and looks forward to this technology being widely used in various sports and major events in the future.

The Joker team doctor Mike Lancaster added that in order to protect the safety of the team, the team has established strict inspection and operation procedures. Signify's UVC ultraviolet disinfection products can add a layer of protection to the safety of players.