Several key parameters that must be paid attention to when selecting LED chips

- Aug 15, 2019-

As the cost of LED continues to decline, energy efficiency continues to increase, and the large-scale popularization of LED lighting is coming. The LED lighting has become the hottest topic in the industry. Because the design of LED lamps involves many technologies such as optics, thermals, and microelectronics, Usually LED designers pay more attention to the design factors of the appearance, heat dissipation and driving circuit of the lamp, and ignore the selection of the LED chip.

    At the 2011 Shanghai Shanghai Electronics Show International LED Innovation Forum, Zhou Lujun, Marketing Director of Philips Lumileds Asia, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Support for LED Technology Development in Lighting Applications". In this speech, Zhou Xuejun combined with Philips Lumileds LED products to share The view of the key parameters of the LED chip is believed to be very helpful for LED lighting designers.

    Zhou Xuejun revealed that Philips Lumileds has already approved more than 1 billion high-power LED chips, and accumulated 15,000 hours of measured data, and another 700 million hours of test data accumulation. These accumulations are for LED lighting designers. Very valuable experience.

    "As LED energy efficiency continues to increase and costs continue to fall, LED chips have begun to price wars. At this time, in addition to considering cost factors, we must consider some other key parameters, such as reliability indicators." Zhou Xuejun pointed out.

    He believes that the three major indicators that constitute LED reliability should be:

    1, lumen maintenance rate - no lumen maintenance rate, will lead to the same batch of LED lamps vary in brightness, so engineers should learn to see this indicator curve.

    2, color stability, he prompted to obtain relevant information by consulting the manufacturer's LM-80 report.

    3, to check the reliability of the supplier supply chain - if not delivered in time, will lead to your order to fly away!

    In addition, he also pointed out that to examine the light quality of LEDs, the three elements of this light quality are consistency, no difference and color rendering, which is essential for stable and reliable LED lamps.