Samsung SmartThings on-line smart bulbs and other three smart home new products

- Oct 31, 2019-

Samsung's smart home brand SmartThings comes on three new products, including a $Th$9.99 SmartThings camera, a $17.99 SmartThings Wifi smart plug and a $9.99 SmartThings smart light bulb.

These three products fill some of the gaps in Samsung's smart home product line, which are ideal entry-level devices for smart home beginners. SmartThings Cams and smart plugs work with or without SmartThings hubs, while smart light bulbs use ZigBee 3.0 and rely on hubs for connectivity.

All three devices work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung's own Bixby Voice Assistant.

The cost of SmartThings Cam is significantly lower than that of Nest Cam or Amazon's Cloud Cam, but it still offers full HD video with HDR, night vision infrared, two-way audio, personal detection and 145 degree field of view. It offers 24-hour cloud storage backup (up to 4 cameras) at no extra charge, with a choice of 30 days of backup, up to 8 cameras, $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Unlike Google's Nest Cam, any hardware feature (such as human detection) does not require a cloud subscription. It comes with a stand that can be placed on a shelf or cloak or mounted on a wall. The video source can be viewed in the SmartThings mobile app on iOS or Android, or on a Samsung home refrigerator or Samsung TV.

The Wifi Smart Plug is a simple smart plug that is small enough to allow two plugs to be mounted on the same wall outlet. It's functionally similar to Amazon's smart plug, but it's even cheaper, and you can use Google Assistant in addition to Alexa.

Similarly, the Smart Light Bulb is a simple 9-watt smart LED bulb with a rated output of 806 lumens. It has a warm white (2700K) that can be dimmed, but it doesn't have the ability to display white or full-color spectrum of other tones like some of the more expensive smart bulbs.