Osram launches the first four-in-one color LED in a 5050 package

- Mar 05, 2021-

Osram Opto Semiconductors WeChat public account news on the 25th, Osram has launched the first four-in-one color LED in a 5050 package—DURIS® E 5050 RGBW.

According to reports, DURIS® E 5050 RGBW integrates four independently controlled LEDs, provides a variety of performance levels and color combinations, and can achieve precise RGBW lighting design. It is a medium and high power product of Osram Opto Semiconductors, which is very suitable for efficient and uniform lighting application packaging. It is extremely versatile, can provide excellent reliability in a variety of applications, and is extremely cost-effective.

The external dimensions of DURIS® E 5050 RGBW are only 5.0mm x 5.0mm. The compact and small shape provides great convenience for the physical design of the lighting system. At the same time, the product has a wide color temperature range (3000K~5700K), which is suitable for most application scenarios, and when the color temperature reaches 3000K, the luminous intensity will reach a typical value of 13000 mcd.

Osram said that DURIS® E 5050 RGBW is very suitable for but not limited to lighting applications in architectural landscape, decoration and service industries. It also has advantages in application scenarios such as ambient lighting, garden lighting, and smart home.

It is worth mentioning that DURIS® E 5050 RGBW is a member of the OSRAM Opto Semiconductors DURIS® product family, which can meet the requirements of users in cost-conscious applications. Therefore, this product is used in wall lights, retrofit lights, linear lighting fixtures, etc. It is favored in indoor applications, and even in applications such as plant lighting.