Osram introduces new Synios P2720 CR LED to ensure optimal visibility

- May 01, 2020-

Recently, the Synios P2720 CR launched by OSRAM has brought multiple conveniences to automobile taillight manufacturers, making the design of compact rear fog lights possible. During driving, dense fog and other road conditions with low visibility may cause serious rear-end accidents. In bad weather conditions, it is important to get good visibility through the bright rear fog lights.

Whether it is a headlamp or a rear combination lamp, there is a clear trend: the design is getting more compact and the efficiency is getting higher and higher. The new Synios P2720 CR LED meets this miniaturization trend, reduces the space required, and provides car manufacturers with more flexible design options. Despite its compact size, this LED can still provide excellent performance in applications.

For rear fog lamps, one of the main problems of monochrome LEDs is that at an operating temperature of 60 ° C to 70 ° C, a brightness loss of about 50% (commonly referred to as light attenuation) will occur. For this reason, manufacturers have to make up for by increasing the number of LEDs, thereby increasing the space occupation. Today, Osram's new Synios P2720 CR can greatly reduce this brightness loss to about 10%, reducing the number of LEDs required. Fewer LEDs means that a small heat sink can be used, which saves more space and weight.

Osram's new LEDs are available in two chip sizes, 0.5mm² and 1mm², and the overall package size is 2.0 mm x 2.7 mm x 0.6 mm.

Even in severe weather conditions, Synios p2720 CR can ensure good visibility

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