Not only UVC LED, Mulinsen officially enters the field of air purification

- Jan 02, 2021-

On November 17, Mulinsen Good Air Division was unveiled at Mulinsen headquarters, marking Mulinsen's formal entry into the air purification field.

Under the influence of the epidemic at the beginning of this year, Mulinsen began to wade into a new field of health. In April, Mulinsen announced that it plans to invest 666 million yuan to establish Mulinsen Health Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out deep ultraviolet semiconductor sterilization and disinfection business. In the future, it will conduct deep ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection LED product research and development, packaging, module production and finished product sales.

It is understood that the establishment of the Mulinsen Good Air Project did not start from scratch. Guangzhou Air Technology Co., Ltd., wholly-owned by Mulinsen (Guangdong) Health Technology Co., Ltd., is actually a company that has five years of design and development experience.

Xiong Renhong, executive president of Mulinsen (Guangdong) Health Technology Co., Ltd., said that air purification products have entered the initial stage of the market and have covered 8 provinces in China. According to the plan, the market share in this field will reach 600 million yuan next year, 1.5 billion yuan in 2022, and 3 billion yuan in 2023, gradually spreading across the country and globally.

Last year, the China Securities Regulatory Commission passed relevant regulations on the spin-off of listed companies, and Mulinsen just caught up with this historical opportunity to spin off the big health sector for independent listing. Xiong Renhong said that the ultimate goal of the development of Mulinsen's big health business is to spin off and go public within three years, and then create a "Mulinsen".

Xiong Renhong said that the Mulinsen Good Air Project will set up R&D centers in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen to continue to study negative oxygen ion products. At the same time, the deep ultraviolet (UVC) field previously deployed by Mulinsen will also merge with the air field. Deep ultraviolet semiconductor sterilization and disinfection technology will be added to the negative ion series products to strengthen the sterilization and disinfection functions of the products.

In addition, in the field of general health, the Mulinsen Good Air Project will extend to the smart home field around the entire indoor air health sector. At present, the smart home sector is also in the layout. Mulinsen will also launch new products this year. It is estimated that 10 to 15 products will be launched every year.