New development of LED lighting and LED street light products

- Jan 21, 2020-

On November 5, at the Investor Reception Day 2019, Debang Lighting answered investors' questions about smart street lights / vehicle LEDs and other products, as well as future development plans.

A few days ago, Debang Lighting released the first three quarters of 2019 report: from the beginning to the end of the reporting period, the operating income was 3,111,790,652.11 yuan, an increase of 8.64% over the same period last year; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 239,468,706.52 yuan, an increase of 14.57% over the same period last year .

According to reports, in addition to lighting engineering business, professional lighting product sales business (such as commercial lighting products, education lighting and industrial lighting, etc.), Debon's domestic business has also established e-commerce business channels for TOC and domestic business channels for engineering plastics. All channels have experienced relatively rapid growth this year. From the statistics of the first three quarters of this year, domestic business accounts for about 32%.

At present, Debang's export revenue accounts for more than 70%. The company will use financial instruments such as forward exchange settlement to avoid the uncertainty of operating performance caused by large exchange rate fluctuations.

In terms of market, Debang Lighting actively arranges on-demand lighting and smart lighting, participates in the construction of smart cities, and has launched cooperation with other enterprises in the field of smart home.

In terms of smart street light products, Debon has been continuously paying attention to and investing. The company's smart street light products focus on three aspects: system compatibility, functional modularity and operational stability. Debang Lighting actively participates in the construction of smart cities, promotes lighting-related products through the deployment of 5G micro base stations, and takes advantage of the company's smart street light integration of multiple information technologies.

In terms of vehicle LED products, Debon has started LED vehicle lighting related business. At this stage, the focus is on LED headlight related products.

Regarding the Sino-US trade friction, Debon Lighting believes that the company's export revenue from the US market accounts for about 15% of its revenue. Some products are subject to tariffs imposed by the United States.

Regarding future planning, Debang Lighting said that LED lighting has become the mainstream of the general lighting market after rapid development in recent years. The first phase, the rapid explosion phase of large-scale replacement of traditional light sources by LED light sources, has ended. The second stage is the replacement of traditional light sources + lamps by LED integrated lamps. At present, Debon is actively building the competitiveness of LED integrated lamps, and making integrated lighting products the main driving force for Debang's recent development. The third phase, LED lighting, will develop towards intelligent lighting and on-demand lighting. The combination of LED lighting, sensors, IOT and 5G technology will provide TOC and TOB consumers with a better user experience. This stage will inject new development momentum into the lighting industry in the next few years.