New Apple patent: keyboard can achieve dynamic color changes through multiple sets of RGB LEDs

- Feb 04, 2020-

According to reports, the United States Patent and Trademark Office recently granted a new patent to Apple (AAPL-US) entitled "Hybrid Input Lighting Using Light Sources with Switchable Operating Status". Mainly related to the lighting system of the future Magic Keyboard, and it may also be applied to other future products of the company.

The patent enables future Magic Keyboard to use multiple colored LEDs to give users a new operating experience in games and other applications.

Although some conventional keyboards now have the internal lighting function inside the keyboard, these keyboards usually support the ability to dynamically control the lighting of each individual key such as color or tone. Therefore, having keys of the keyboard or other input devices with individually controllable internal lighting will help improve the user's operating experience.

This patent covers hardware, systems, and methods for variable lighting of electronic device input accessories. Input accessories include computer keyboard keys, touchpads, buttons on the instrument control panel, and buttons on the mouse.

The light from the interior lighting has a fixed hue, such as warm, cool, or other specific colors, and the user experience can be improved by dynamically changing the interior lighting.

In practical applications, the device can realize the dynamic change of color through the light sensor and the light source controller that changes the internal lighting. The internal lighting can convey information such as alarms to users through default tone changes. Variable illumination sources for keys or other input devices can be provided from inside the keys via LEDs.

Interior lighting can be achieved by using one or more groups of red, green and blue LEDs. The change in light intensity from each individual RGB LED creates the effect of changing the hue or color of the interior lighting.

Apple was granted patent number 10528152 this time and filed in the third quarter of 2017. The patent is currently only authorized by the United States Patent Office. Whether Apple will use it in the future or when it will be applied to its products is still unknown. (Source: