Multi Function Samsung SMT Placement Machine, Sm481, Sm421, Sm482, Sm471

- May 11, 2018-

Basic Info

Model NO.: sm-471

HS Code: 8515190000

Product Description

SAMSUNG smt pick and place machine ,High Precision, Multi Function Component Placer, SAMSUNG smt pick and place machine,SM481,SM421,SM482,sm471 

The SM451 is a high precision multi-functional chip shooter equipped with a high precision force control head based on the SM421 platform. It applies a linear scale to the X-Y axis to improve placement accuracy.

Basically, it can be applied to various odd-shaped parts from 0402(01005) fine chips to 57 x 42 mm IC parts, long connectors, bare chips and PIP insert parts. In addition, it also allows placement of special parts by providing gripper nozzles and supports the functions for part height adjustment of up to 28 mm, applicability to POP, lead lift-off check, and rear side reflection recognition.
SAMSUNG Chip Mounter Option 
SVS Side View System) 
SVS(Side View System): The camera on the flying head checks the status of pre- and post- component placement.

Applicability to odd-shaped parts is reinforced.                        
Equipped with a head with one gantry and six spindles                          
Placement accuracy correction system(head offset,C/V offset etc.)                     
Applicable up to 55mm Ic parts.                       
"Applicable to Max.740(L)x460(W)(Option)PCBs for long boards applied to LEDS and displays."                         
"It has improved actual producticity and placement quality by applying high speed and high precision electrically driven feeders."                         
It is designed to be compatible with SM series pneumatic feeders,                      
it maximizes the customer's operational convenience.                          
Can accommodate120pcs 8mm Feeder( Docking Cart)                         
1 gantry x 6 spindles/head                     
Placement Rate:28,000CPH(Optimum)                          
Component Range: Chip 0603~55mm(H 15mm)~L75mm Connector,              
Board Dimension(mm)):50(L)*40(W)~460(L)*400(W)          
Option:  50(L)*40(W)~760(L)*460(W)               
PCB Thickness:0.38mm~4.2mm                       
Air Consumption:0.5~0.7Mpa(5-7kgf/c)180ne/min                           
Msss: Approx.1600kg                       
External Dimension(mm): 1650(L)*1680(D)*1530(H)                        
Nozzles(CN040:6pcs,CN065:6pcs,CN140:2pcs,CN220:2pcs      CN400S:1pcs,CN750:1pcs,CN1100:1pcs,Tool:1pcs)                       
PCB Standard Transport Direction :Left-to-Right/Right-to-Left(Option)