Macroblock launches a new generation of mini LED driver IC with a minimum current of 0.1mA

- Oct 12, 2020-

On September 28th, LED driver IC design company Macroblock has launched a new generation of driver ICs for mini LED backlights and small-pitch mini LED displays.

Although the BOM cost of mini LED backlights is 20-30% higher than that of ordinary LEDs, Apple's adoption plan will trigger demand for mini LED backlights, which are expected to start to grow in the second half of 2021, said Macroblock Chairman Yang Lichang.

A miniature LED-backlit tablet or notebook computer uses more than 10,000 miniature LED chips and requires more than 30 static driver ICs with 16 output channels to drive more than 400 local dimming areas, Macroblock pointed out. However, only two MBI6322 (Macroblock design of a new generation of micro LED backlight driver IC supporting 16 scan design) can achieve the same display effect, which greatly reduces the number of components used and simplifies the layout of the PCB company.

Macroblock said that for a 32-inch mini LED-backlit gaming LCD monitor, six MBI6322 driver ICs are required instead of 36 static driver ICs.

The newly designed driver IC MBI5864 can be used in a 138-inch fine-pitch 8K micro LED display with a minimum pitch of 0.4mm. It supports a 64-scan design, a minimum current of 0.1mA, and can reach 16-bit grayscale and a refresh rate of 3,840Hz. However, Macroblock pointed out that, compared with micro-LED backlights, small-pitch micro-LED displays require smaller pitches and higher accuracy in marking, so it is more difficult to achieve the same yield.

The application of small-pitch micro LED displays has evolved from a simple display to a part of scene setting. This type of display is widely used in museum stage design and exhibitions, and even replaces the green screen as the background of movies. The 6m-high, small-pitch 4K mini LED display used in the movie background is equipped with 48,600 driver ICs.

MBI5268 is a driver IC that supports 128 scan design for fine-pitch LED displays. Since 128 scan driver ICs can drive dual pixels instead of 64 scan drivers, the MBI5268 driver IC that needs to be used is reduced by 50%. In addition, using MBI5268 can simplify PCB layout and reduce SMT risks. With its new generation of driver ICs, Macroblock is reducing the pitch of indoor fine-pitch LED displays to less than 2mm.