LED ( 5.1mm Oval LED ) Blue Color

- Aug 23, 2018-

Basic Info

Model NO.: 5234B2C-ESB-B

Certification: RoHS

Transport Package: bulk

Specification: ROHS

Origin: china

HS Code: 8541401000

Product Description

5.1mm Oval LED

We can offer SMD LED, Outdoor Display LED and many Lighting LEDs.
We can offer 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm LED. Bi-color and multi-color. Round shape and
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0603 Package Chip LED
0805 Package Chip LED
1206 Package Chip LED
Outdoor Display LED
5mm Round LED 15deg
5mm Round LED 30deg
5mm Oval LED
5mm Flat top LED
5mm Strawhat LED
Lighting LEDs
Flat top Super Flux LED
3mm Super Flux LED
5mm Super Flux LED
Tower Type LED
2x5 Rectangular Type LED
3.0 Elliptical LED
3mm Cylindrical LED
3mm Round LED
5mm Round LED
5mm Backlighting LED
5mm Bullet Type LED
5mm Strawhat Type LED
5mm Helmet Type LED
5mm Short Cylindrical LED
5mm long Cylindrical LED
5mm Elliptical LED
5mm Blinking LED
8mm Round LED
10mm Round LED
5mm Multi-Color LED
3mm Bi-Color LED
5mm Bi-Color LED
5mm Infrared LED
Photo Diode LED

High luminous intensity output
Oval Shape
Well defined spatial radiation
Wide viewing angle(2θ 1/2 ): 110° /50°
UV resistant epoxy
Pb free

This precision optical performance oval LED is specifically
Designed for passenger information signs
This lamp has matched radiation patterns with, Red
Or green color mixing color applications
Superior performance in outdoor environment

Usage Notes:
The ultra bright LED is an electrostatic insensitive device, so static electricity and surge will damage the LED. It is required to wear a wrist-band when handling the LED. All device, equipment, machinery, desk and ground must be properly grounded
When using LED, it must use a protective resistor in series with DC current about 20mA

Full color/video signs
Message boards
Variable message signs(VMS)
Commercial outdoor advertising

Device Selection Guide

LED Part No. Chip Lens Color
Material Emitted Color
5234B2C-FSC-E InGaN Blue Water clear

Absolute Maximum Rating (Ta=25C)
Parameter Symbol Absolute Maximum Rating Unit
Forward Pulse Current IFPM 70 mA
Forward Current IFM 30 mA
Reverse Voltage VR 5 V
Power Dissipation PD 140 mW
Operating Temperature Topr -40~+80C
Storage Temperature Tstg -40~+100C
Soldering Heat (5s) Tsol 260C
Electro-Optical Characteristics (Ta=25C)
Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Test Condition
Luminous Intensity Iv 1200 1700 --- mcd IF=20mA(Note1)
Viewing Angle 2θ 1/2 --- X: 110°
Y: 50° --- Deg (Note 2)

Peak Emission Wavelength λ P 460 465 470 nm IF=20mA

Spectral Line Half-Width λ 20 25 30 nm IF=20mA

Forward Voltage VF 2.9 --- 3.5 V IF=20mA

Reverse Current IR --- --- 10 μ A VR=5V

1. Luminous intensity is measured with a light sensor and filter combination that approximates the CIE eye-response curve.
2. θ 1/2 is the off-axis angle at which the luminous intensity is half the axial luminous intensity.

Part NumberChipLens TypeVF(V)
MaterialEmitted ColorWave Length            λD(nm)
5234R1C-ESB-CAlGaInPRed620-635Water Clear1.9-2.31500-230070/30
5234R1C-ESC-DAlGaInPRed620-635Water Clear1.9-2.33500-500070/30
5234Y1C-ESB-CAlGaInPYellow580-595Water Clear1.9-2.31500-230070/30
5234Y1C-ESC-DAlGaInPYellow580-595Water Clear1.9-2.33500-500070/30
5234G3C-ESB-AInGaNGreen520-530Water Clear2.9-3.31800-270070/30
5234G3C-ESC-BInGaNGreen520-530Water Clear2.9-3.33500-550070/30
5234B2C-ESB-BInGaNBlue460-470Water Clear2.9-3.31500-230070/30
5234B2C-ESC-CInGaNBlue460-470Water Clear2.9-3.32000-360070/30
5234W2C-ESB-BInGaNWhite Water Clear2.9-3.32000-360070/30
5234W2C-ESD-CInGaNWhite Water Clear2.9-3.34000-680070/30
5234R1D-JHC-CAlGaInPRed620-635Water Clear1.9-2.3500-600110/50
5234R1D-JSA-DAlGaInPRed620-635Water Clear1.9-2.31500-2000110/50
5234Y1D-JHC-CAlGaInPYellow580-595Water Clear1.9-2.3400-500110/50
5234Y1D-JSA-DAlGaInPYellow580-595Water Clear1.9-2.31500-2000110/50
5234G3D-JHC-AInGaNGreen520-530Water Clear2.9-3.31200-1500110/50
5234G3D-JSA-BInGaNGreen520-530Water Clear2.9-3.32500-3000110/50
5234B2D-JHC-BInGaNBlue460-470Water Clear2.9-3.3600-700110/50
5234B2D-JHD-CInGaNBlue460-470Water Clear2.9-3.31000-1500110/50
5234W2D-JHD-BInGaNWhite Water Clear2.9-3.31000-1500110/50
5234W2D-JSA-CInGaNWhite Water Clear2.9-3.32500-3000110/50

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