LED UV curing system is highly environmentally friendly

- Jul 11, 2019-

The led uv method consumes power only when it is illuminated, while the power consumption is almost zero during standby. You can do a simple calculation, the energy saved by each point source curing machine: 270 (watts) * 8 (hours) * 365 (days) = 800 (kWh), which shows that each year only consumes electricity bills Save thousands of dollars. Not only that, by saving electricity, each year can indirectly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.4 tons, equivalent to one car's annual emissions.

Led uv has the following advantages: 1) multiple wavelength capability, better matching absorption spectrum; 2) based on digital technology, accurate control of power, output stability; 3) "cold" drying to ensure more material adaptability; 4 ) Fast opening and closing performance, no moving parts such as hood; 5) embedded control for real-time monitoring; 6) environmentally friendly, less ozone emissions, because led uv emits mainly high-density UV long-wave; 7) some special Application (special low migration ink) led uv can dry thicker ink layers than traditional arc lamps.

  The led uv light curing system is highly environmentally friendly. During the operation, the system does not generate ozone and no bad gas is discharged. These features eliminate the need for additional odor removal devices and exhaust ducts. The ground saves space in the factory. At the same time, LED uv printing inks do not contain VOC substances (volatile organic compounds). During the drying process, the hot air drying and powder spraying in traditional printing are abandoned, which greatly reduces the carbon dioxide emissions and dust threats. Protection and protection of workers' health. It can be said that the led uv printing system further enhances the environmental coordination compared with the conventional uv printing system and the conventional heat curing printing system.