LED plant factory intelligent seedling cultivation to help spring plowing production

- Mar 24, 2021-

In the past few days, the weather has warmed up and the rain has been plentiful. It is a good season for spring plowing. Xiancai Fruit and Vegetable Base in Hongshandian Town, Loudi City, Hunan Province, while ensuring the supply of vegetables in the urban area, has fully started spring plowing production to ensure that the farming season is not missed.

In a dense room with constant temperature and humidity, layers of seedling trays are stacked on a foam board, and after 48-72 hours of accelerating germination, they can be transferred to the greenhouse for emergence. The germination is fast and efficient, and the germination rate can reach 92%. There are 6 steel-frame greenhouses neatly arranged next to the secret room. Each shed can produce 1225 seedling trays for each batch, and the 8-layer seedbed is cyclically moved to ensure that all seedlings have the same growth conditions and receive equal care.

According to reports, the temperature and humidity control environment of the Xiancai Fruit and Vegetable Base can reduce the risk of rotten seedlings in the wet and cold weather in early spring. Through the centralized seedling cultivation method of sprouting in a closed room and sprouting in a greenhouse, the seedlings can be used for planting after the seedling trays are ready to become seedlings. The seedling supply capacity per shed can reach more than 50 acres.

At the same time, the double-membrane design of the greenhouse can indeed better help the seedlings withstand the cold wave, which is very suitable for the weather in Hunan, but at the same time it will also disperse the light. The nursery time of this batch of seedlings is short, and the color is not green enough. You can consider moderately refining the seedlings or installing LED plant growth lights in the shed.

In order to ensure the success of large-scale seedling raising, the staff of the Xiancai Fruit and Vegetable Base first took a small batch of seeds for experimentation. The first batch of seedlings appeared "capped" and adjusted in time to reduce the thickness of the cover soil and adjust the ratio of the substrate. . When the work is officially started, the staff will use rice tray seedling seedling planters instead of manual seeding to improve the uniformity of budding, and adopt the assembly line operation mode for factory seedling seedlings to fully support early rice spring ploughing production.

At present, the Xiancai Fruit and Vegetable Base has signed an order for 2,000 acres of early rice breeding and seedlings with major grain growers. Recently, it has been stepping up the experiment, adjusting the substrate formula, testing temperature and humidity, and striving to achieve full-load operation as soon as possible, and to carry out double cropping for more farmers Rice planting provides services.