Led big screen market is still in the development stage

- May 18, 2019-

For the big screen of the building advertisement, the shopping demand of the audience may not be very large, but since they stay in the lobby and wait for the elevator to take a little longer, then the advertising content can introduce some brand functions and unique features, which can be taken and TV ads are equivalent to some content, to make some reminders of popularity and products. When it comes to the media on the street, I believe that there are definitely fewer people who can stand in front of a color screen and wait a minute to read the advertisement. Although there may be changes in the picture, we need to grasp the behavior and form of the consumer, because the consumer only sees the advertisement in the process of moving, so the information of the product should be as simple as possible, and the frequency needs to be strengthened.


In general, the core value of the big screen of LED is that it can provide a combination of sound and picture, but we need to make a media combination. When doing brand promotion, first consider what the main communication tasks are, and then consider what kind of media to use and what kind of content communication to perform.


Whether it is a roadside color screen, an LCD in a store, or a building advertisement, it should be done. For example, if you want to do a Luxe advertisement, you may be a short message on the color screen advertisement, "Less is you...", and because people are moving, it is necessary to play it at high frequency. However, when you arrive at the office building, the time for people to stay will be relatively longer. The content can be richer. "Lishi, can give your skin or hair..." Time can also be controlled. Then when it comes to the store, consumers already have the shopping needs and desires, then we may prefer promotional information such as discounts, buy gifts, new products, etc., to attract consumers' attention to a certain brand.

To play the different roles of different media, we must look at it from two angles. The most important thing is to put it on the advertiser itself, which is a tailor-made advertising content. The market is still in a stage of development. The Chinese market is much larger and faster than the overseas market. But advertisers usually use a single TV ad. Maybe what you see at home is the same as what you see outdoors. Consumers at different times and in different locations have different behaviors and attitudes when they appear in different environments. Different content will have different effects at that time. If I see a lady's TV advertisement in the elevator lobby, the LED big screen advertisement I saw at the store is exactly the same, the advertisement will not play the role of 1+1>2.


In fact, people's shopping behavior is funnel-shaped, first cognitive, and then generate a demand, the final degree is the behavior paid for purchase. TV advertising is often cognition, telling you the characteristics of a product, but when I have reached the so-called terminal interception, I have already heard this thing, but you have not changed my needs. In a purchase action, this has caused a waste of media resources to a certain extent.