Intelligent water cup built-in UV-C LED system, automatic sterilization up to 99.9%

- Sep 11, 2019-

On July 30th, the French design brand NOERDEN launched a smart water cup with built-in UV-C LED sterilization system, which can automatically disinfect the water and also have a water reminder function.

NOERDEN said that the water cup is called LIZ, and its smart touch-responsive cup cover has built-in UV-C LED, which can eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria up to 99.9%. The user can start the sterilization process by tapping the lid twice, and the UV-C light will sterilize the water in the entire empty cup or cup by decomposing the bacteria and virus DNA. After the process is completed, the LED indicator light is Will stop flashing.

It is reported that this cup can be insulated (up to 12 hours) or cold (up to 24 hours), and the smart lid will display the temperature range of the beverage in the cup. When the cover is tapped once, the LED will flash a color corresponding to the temperature range of the beverage. Blue represents cold, yellow represents temperature, and red represents heat.

In addition, the smart drink reminder reminds the user to drink the water/drink in the cup every two hours.

According to the latest "2019 Deep UV LED Application Market Report - Sterilization, Purification and Water Treatment Market" released by LEDinside, we are looking forward to the application market demand. In addition to the stable growth of the curing market, surface/air sterilization and purification, Static water sterilization and mobile water sterilization are the main growth kinetic energy in the future. It is estimated that the output value of the UV LED market will reach 991 million US dollars in 2023.