Huiyi continues to strengthen quality, reliability and sterilization rate, and actively targets the air-conditioning and dynamic water purification markets

- Mar 19, 2021-

According to TrendForce 2021 UV LED Application Market and Brand Strategy-Light Curing and Sterilization Purification Report, looking forward to 2021, it will benefit from the expansion of UV-C LED market demand to Japan, South Korea and the US market, and towards large-scale space air sterilization and dynamic water Sterilization market development. Water purification sterilization, surface sterilization, air sterilization and some special sterilization fields have different requirements for UV LED modules, but they mainly involve sterilization rate, life cycle and safety issues.

LEDinside had the honor to interview the well-known Chinese module manufacturer Hangzhou Huiyi General Manager Zhang Deheng and Dr. Meng Nan to discuss the future trend of UVC-LED sterilization products based on the current market demand characteristics of UV-C LED sterilization products.

According to Huiyi's market observation, it can be found that since 2020, the demand for sterilization of major home appliance brand manufacturers has indeed increased significantly. For the hottest water purification and sterilization market at present, because water purifier brand manufacturers have different focuses on their products, they have put forward highly customized and customized requirements for sterilization modules. Aiming at the application characteristics of existing household and commercial water purifiers, Huiyi Technology provides customers with static or dynamic UV-C LED module solutions that meet the needs of the three aspects of sterilization rate, life and safety. Huiyi designs high-performance UV-C LED modules from the perspectives of power, band and module structure, and improves product quality and quality through international material selection, rigorous product design, strict control of key structural component assembly, and pre-aging lighting testing. Reliability, to meet the strict quality requirements of customers.

Up to now, Huiyi has mature sterilization module solutions of more than 30 categories. These module products have implemented the concept of Huiyi that has always adhered to the balance of product use effect, service life and use cost. Selecting mature and reliable 265-275nm UV-C LED products, with patented heat dissipation and optical structure design, maximizes the use efficiency of LEDs, and meets the needs of customers to accept product upgrades within the cost. In 2020, additional investment will be made to strengthen structural light software simulation and structural mechanics analysis to further enhance product performance and quality performance.

According to Dr. Meng Nan, the head of Huiyi Technology R&D Center, among the three elements of UVC LED module design, the power of UV-C LED and the wavelength of UV-C LED are determined by the technology of the lamp bead manufacturer, and the biggest battlefield for the module manufacturer is The element of UV-C LED sterilization time is the innovation in the field of structural design of the sterilization module. Huiyi’s latest water sterilization module has applied a swirling design to optimize the internal water flow environment of the module without increasing the volume. Under the premise, the maximum application flow rate can reach 6.5-15 L/min, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%, in order to meet the needs of the dynamic water sterilization market.

In addition to water purification applications, Huiyi sterilization module products have also been successfully applied to the sanitary equipment market. The four sterilization functions include water sterilization, nozzle sterilization, ceramic body sterilization and air sterilization are all optional. They are mainly used in the Japanese market. Flowing water sterilization products are the most used, and they will be introduced into the market from April 2020.

Air sterilization will be the key market for leading brand manufacturers in 2021. Huiyi pointed out that air-conditioning air-purification products are generally used in closed environmental spaces. Due to the lack of fresh air ventilation measures, and the ambient temperature is usually between 18-30 degrees Celsius, it provides the most suitable environment for the proliferation of bacteria and viruses, which can easily lead to repeated infection. In response to these problems, Huiyi Technology actively designs different air-conditioning sterilization modules, which can be directly integrated near the air inlets of household air-conditioners, through direct UV-C LED irradiation and UV-A LED photocatalyst to completely destroy the air and air-conditioning equipment. It can effectively increase the sterilization rate and realize real-time purification in linkage with the air conditioner. It has high safety, small space occupation, and simple and convenient application.

In 2021, Huiyi will continue to introduce targeted products to the market, and continuously improve product quality, to strengthen reliability and sterilization effect as the orientation, while taking into account brand marketing, global promotion of UVC LED sterilization and purification solutions.