How to prevent laser diode from burning

- Apr 11, 2018-

The semiconductor laser must be driven by constant current, and the constant pressure drive must be bad.

The laser diode is very fragile, and a small voltage spike will burn.

When the power is turned on, there is also a very large current output, which is enough to burn the laser.

In the switch machine, your constant current source should be adjusted to the voltage and current are 0, constant current source is energized, and gradually add to the rated voltage and rated current. There will be no burning lasers.

In addition, if the laser tube installation, must pay attention to electrostatic protection.

How can the constant current source voltage and current be adjusted to 0 in the switching machine?

Before starting up, the current voltage is adjusted to the minimum, and the laser is required to be adjusted to the rated voltage and current. When it is turned off, switch the voltage and current to the minimum and turn it off again.

I use the adapter power supply, not adjustable, that is to use adjustable power?