How to identify true and false UV germicidal lamps?

- Dec 21, 2018-

1. The most reliable resolution method is to measure with a 254nm probe of ultraviolet irradiance meter. The same power, the highest intensity of 254nm UV is the ultraviolet germicidal lamp made of quartz glass. Followed by high boron glass ultraviolet lamps, ordinary glass and phosphor coated lamps have a UV intensity of 254 nm.

2, the fluorescent tube coated with light, no matter what kind of glass is used, it is impossible to emit short-wave ultraviolet rays, and it is even less likely to produce ozone, because the spectral line emitted by the phosphor conversion has a wavelength of at least 300 nm, which is often in the disinfection cabinet. What can be seen is the mosquito killer lamp, which can only produce 365nm line and part of blue light. Its function is not to disinfect the mosquito, but it has no disinfection effect at all.

3, high boron glass ultraviolet light and quartz ultraviolet germicidal lamp in appearance ratio, quartz ultraviolet germicidal lamp can not be installed with aluminum cover lamp head (there are exceptions), the material of the lamp head is made of plastic, bakelite or ceramic, the outer diameter of the lamp head is thicker than the glass tube; Both ordinary glass and high-boron glass can be produced by a highly automated round seal production process. The process is the same as that of fluorescent lamp production, and the aluminum lamp holder can be used, and the material cost and production cost are low.

4. Quartz glass has a high melting point and a low expansion coefficient. If it is heated in the fire at the same time, ordinary glass has the lowest melting point, followed by high boron glass. After heating, it is quenched in water at the same time, and quartz glass is not broken.

5. For some so-called "ultraviolet germicidal lamps" made of ordinary glass tubes, the lamps are UV-free and tested in a simple way: Light up the lamp beside the energy-saving lamp or fluorescent lamp, it can not intensify the tube Phosphorescence, it can be confirmed that it is a genuine counterfeit product, does not have the role of sterilization.