How the infrared receiving head is constructed and the role of the joint iron shell

- Jun 03, 2019-

How is the infrared receiver formed? Early infrared receiving heads were generally fabricated by soldering integrated circuits and receiving diodes on a single circuit board. This type of receiving head has the disadvantage of being bulky, and the structure is constant. Therefore, we package the integrated circuit and the receiving diode in Together, they form an infrared integrated receiver, integrated circuit, which improves efficiency and is small in size. Most receivers supply 5V, and very few early receivers supply 12V.

    The infrared receiving head is generally an integrated head for receiving, amplifying and demodulating. After the infrared signal is demodulated by the receiving head, the difference between the data “0” and “1” is usually reflected in the length of the high and low level or the signal period, and the single chip decodes. Time;

    Infrared receiver manufacturers usually connect the receiver output pin to the external interrupt of the microcontroller, and combine the timer to determine the time of the external interrupt interval to obtain data. The point is to find the difference in waveform between the data "0" and "1". The output can be connected to CMOS and TTL circuits. This type of receiver is widely used in air conditioners, TVs, VCDs and other electrical appliances.

    What is the role of the iron shell of the infrared receiver? In general, the infrared light-emitting diodes must not exceed the limit values during the working process. Therefore, the model and parameters of the original pipe should be taken into account when replacing the type, and cannot be replaced at will. At the same time, sometimes the iron shell of the infrared receiving head can also be used in the infrared remote control receiving toy series;

   Infrared receiver manufacturers Because the infrared receiver's infrared wavelength range is quite wide, the infrared LED must be paired with the infrared receiver diode, otherwise it will affect the sensitivity of the remote control, and even cause loss of control. Therefore, when replacing the type, it is necessary to pay attention to the wavelength parameters of the infrared light signal it radiates; it can also be applied to household appliances: air conditioners, heaters, electric fans, electric lights, etc.;

    The infrared receiver head used by infrared receiver manufacturers in daily life has the function of: outer shell iron shield, excellent anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-light interference, and also has high receiving sensitivity and wide angle; therefore, Infrared receivers are generally used in audiovisual products: audio, television, video recorders, disc players, set-top boxes, etc.