How Do I Choose the Best LED Christmas Lights?

- Nov 12, 2018-

Light-emitting diode (LED) Christmas lights have become popular as holiday decorations because they are energy-efficient and can last years without burning out. They have many variations, so you should consider a few details before you choose the best LED Christmas lights for your home. For example, you may want to think about whether you want colored or white bulbs and, if you choose white, which shade of white you prefer. You also should consider whether you want to buy lights that blink, stay the same color or alternate, or appear to dance to music. In addition, determining whether they will go indoors or outdoors will help determine the best bulb size for you.

One detail to think about is whether you want bulbs with different colors or solid white LED holiday lighting. If you choose the latter, you have a few more decisions to make, such as whether you want clear or frosted bulbs. Clear bulbs tend to give off a bright light, while frosted glass tends to soften the lighting. You also should consider whether to get warm white LED Christmas lights, which offer a look similar to the yellow hue cast by incandescent bulbs, or pure white bulbs, which emit a brighter glow. You also may opt for traditional cool white LED bulbs, which tend to look blue and are usually best outdoors, because they may seem less blinding in open spaces.

Another decision to make is whether your preferred LED Christmas lights should stay on or blink. Some light strands feature bulbs that change colors, while others play music and the bulbs flash in time with the beat of the tunes. If you want additional creative options, you can consider LED Christmas lights in the shape of icicles, which tend to look particularly realistic when you choose white bulbs. Another choice is the wide-angle light bulb, which shines light in several directions at once because of its wider base, allowing you to get the most illumination from your LED holiday lights.

You also should think about the size of the bulbs before you buy LED Christmas lights, because appropriate bulb size often is determined by where you intend to place them. For example, larger bulbs tend to look best outside, perhaps attached to the house, because they can easily be seen from far away. You also can use smaller bulbs outside, and many people like to wrap strings of tiny LED lights around their bushes and tree trunks. Similarly, smaller bulbs are often good for wrapping around an indoor Christmas tree, stair railings or the fireplace mantel.