Global Lighting Association publishes guidelines for the safe use of UVC disinfection equipment

- Jun 15, 2020-

Disinfecting and sterilizing ultraviolet rays is an effective method for inactivating viruses in solid surfaces, water and air. Therefore, it is expected to become a weapon against the new coronavirus (COVID-19). UVC is a type of ultraviolet light with a wavelength between 100-280 nanometers, which is the most effective disinfection and sterilization ultraviolet light.

Although UVC helps to contain viruses, improper use can cause harm to human health. The Global Lighting Association is concerned that with the large-scale use of disinfection and sterilization ultraviolet equipment (especially the ultraviolet disinfection equipment sold online), it will lead to hidden safety hazards.

Relevant standardization agencies will develop comprehensive standards for the safe operation of UVC equipment. However, this process will take months or even years. For public safety, as a temporary measure, the Global Lighting Association convenes relevant industry experts to develop corresponding product guidelines to assist users and manufacturers until the relevant standards are released.

At present, the international community is very concerned about the use of UVC ultraviolet radiation to intervene in the transmission risk of COVID-19, and as the epidemic spreads globally, this concern is growing rapidly. Starting in March 2020, the Global Lighting Association formed a working group including representatives from China to conduct a focused discussion on related technical issues, and recently completed the work and issued a position statement on the guidelines for the safe use of UVC equipment. Standardize the safe use of UVC equipment. The English text of the "UV-C Safety Guide" issued by the Global Lighting Association can be downloaded from the Global Lighting Association's website. (Source: China Lighting Appliance Association)