Glass plank LED interactive screen technology reveals

- May 18, 2019-

In recent years, the glass channel transparent LED interactive screen has arisen, and all the major attractions are eager to follow suit. Then how to use the glass transparent screen of the glass plank road, let's take a look at the following:

Since the glass path is an outdoor application on the mountain or on the cliff side, the LED transparent screen will be more matched, it will not affect the glass path obstruction, and tourists rarely travel in bad weather, so the brightness of the LED transparent screen is sufficient. More than 4,500. Otherwise, the display will not be true when the sun comes out, and there is a tempered glass on the screen.

Usually the most common glasswalk is the broken glass special effect. This effect is very simple to realize. The broken glass under the tempered glass is not only a piece of glass, but also a transparent LED display. The technically required inductive radar is needed, with special software. When a person walks into the sensing area, the radar issues an instruction, and the special effect is triggered to play the broken glass picture or even the audio.

And this kind of special effect must give people a sudden feeling, that is to say, in the distance, it is a picture similar to the lower side of the glass path, and there is no difference between the other glass path and the other glass path on the side. Only the human foot steps into it. In this area, the special effects of broken glass come out, giving people a sense of fright of being caught off guard.

In summary, the 3D glass plank cracking special effects LED interactive screen is a perfect combination of LED transparent screen and radar, adding more fun to life.