Germany 230nm UV LED is being tested, the world's first UV transparent mask comes out

- Jun 18, 2020-

Recently, there has been a new breakthrough in the field of UV LED product development! The first is that the German Institute and the Berlin University of Technology have developed far-ultraviolet LEDs. The product is also said to be harmless to the skin and is currently being tested by relevant institutions. The second is that the Detroit enterprise has developed the world’s first transparent UV mask. Sustainable use for up to one month.

German researchers develop 230nm UV LEDs, which are being tested by relevant institutions

According to reports, the German Institute (Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, FBH) and Technische Universitat Berlin (TUB) have developed UV LEDs that are safe for the skin. The research results have not yet been commercialized, but will be tested at the German Medical Institution Center.

The news shows that the FBH Research Institute and the Berlin University of Technology have developed LEDs that emit far-ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of about 230 nm and an output power of more than 1 mW. FBH said that due to the high absorption rate, UV LED light will not penetrate the skin dermis, so it is predicted that it will not harm the skin, or the damage is so small that the natural skin repair mechanism can compensate for this effect.

The researchers hope this will help kill MDR pathogens without any long-term side effects. According to reports, within the framework of the VIMRE project (Prevention of Multi-drug Resistance Pathogen Infection by In Vivo UVC Radiation), FBH has developed and produced a radiation system, containing 118 UV LED arrays, with an area of 8cm×8cm and an area of 6cm×6cm , The maximum radiation power reaches 0.2mW/cm2, and the uniformity exceeds 90%.

It is reported that the prototype of the product has been sent to the dermatology department of the Charit Medical University in Berlin for skin testing. Another device will soon be sent to the Institute of Health and Environmental Medicine of Greifswald University to confirm its bactericidal effect.

Detroit enterprise develops world's first UV transparent mask

According to foreign media reports, recently, Detroit Redcliffe Medical launched a transparent mask Leaf, using the most advanced N99+ HEPA-carbon filter technology, with ultraviolet automatic disinfection and active ventilation technology.

The design of this mask is inspired by nature and the natural transpiration of leaves. It is efficient and simple, and can quickly unlock the smartphone through the face unlock function. The outside of the mask is made of optical grade, soft, flame retardant, reusable, self-priming, UV-resistant silicone material.

According to reports, Leaf masks are available in three designs: transparent, translucent and solid colors, as well as three options for HEPA, UV and PRO.

Among them, LEAF-UV's UVC sterilization device is built into the rechargeable filter housing, destroying the DNA of pathogens at the "speed of light", and filtering through activated carbon to remove odors and organic matter. Nowadays, disposable masks are increasingly a threat to nature, and active disinfection can keep the filter in use for up to a month. (Compiled by LEDinside Janice)